now provides customers with Messenger support via the iAdvize platform

We now use a wide variety of social networks on a daily basis: Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We use them to talk with our friends and family, share pictures, stay tuned in, find inspiration… But now we want more. We want a customer experience that is human, conversational, intuitive and that is in line with our lifestyle and the way we use these platforms. 

The ubiquity challenge is a difficult challenge to face for brands. They need to be able to answer customers who want to chat via all channels in real-time, at any time.

Today, becomes the first French brand to take this revolution on

Since 2012, iAdvize has been helping, the leading online travel brand in France to manage their real-time online customer interactions. Every year, the customer service team of handles approximately 120,000 contacts on their website via chat and video chat and provides, on average, a first response within 15 seconds. They also handle more than 100,000 questions from Facebook and Twitter. On these social networks, the brand is committed to answering requests within two hours. By integrating Messenger within its conversational commerce platform, iAdvize enables to reinforce their online listening and engagement strategy.

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From now on, when customers purchase a journey online, gives them the opportunity to track their order directly from Messenger; a truly conversational experience.

Messenger: more than 800 million users worldwide 

Messenger users will receive a notification and find all the information about their journey in the Messenger app: schedules, coach number, seat number, e-ticket…


They can also contact customer service by asking questions directly from the Messenger conversation. This way, they have all their journey info in one place; the interaction with is  fast, smooth and simple.

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For example, visitors can ask how to renew their 12/25 railcard via Messenger. An agent can send them a link enabling them to update their railcard and can then help them throughout the process. In addition to being a customer care channel, Messenger also enables brands to create engagement and generate additional sales.

Franck Gervais

Franck Gervais, managing director of the Group

“We want to make things as easy as possible for our customers by enabling them to use the channels they already do on a daily basis. We want to adapt to what they are used to, not the other way round. Making it possible for them to receive their journey information and updates directly within Messenger via the platform of our partner, iAdvize, is part of creating a more simple, smooth and integrated customer experience”.

One platform to centralize all conversations 

From the customer service perspective, all real-time contacts are centralized within the same platform: agents receive messages from Messenger directly within iAdvize, in the same as they receive questions coming from the website chat, web callback or video chat. This way, the same team is mobilized to answer questions from these different channels. Agents benefit from a conversational display and can provide the same quality of service and be as fast as they are on other touch points.


Thanks to the reporting interface, customer service can easily view and analyze past conversations and measure performance with key indicators (revenue generated after chat or Messenger conversations, occupancy rate, response time, average handling time, etc.). Therefore, the customer service team benefits from a global real-time customer service management via the iAdvize platform and can compare the impact of their activity on different channels.

Laurent Solly

Laurent Solly, Managing Director of Facebook France

“We are delighted that is one of the first partners in France to use Facebook Messenger as a new communication tool. This platform is the sign of a new customer service era that will drastically improve the purchase experience whilst strengthening relationships between brands and customers. Messenger is used by more than 800 million people every month. It has now become a simple and efficient communication tool that enables businesses to interact in real-time with their customers and build personalized services that meet expectations and new habits”.

With more than 800 million users and strong growth, Messenger will be increasingly important in the engagement strategy of brands. Today, is the first brand in France to seize this opportunity and offer an innovative customer experience, unique and truly helpful for customers who want real conversations.

Within the next few weeks, we will be extending the scope of Messenger on, on the websites of other brands that have been bêta testing Messenger and we will be making the channel available to all our customers thus helping them to enter the ubiquity era.

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Simon is Product Marketing Manager at iAdvize

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