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ChatGPT: A Major Step Forward for Customer Support


ChatGPT: A Major Step Forward for Customer Support

If you keep up with the tech and conversational space, then you’ve seen the recent buzz around OpenAI’s newest artificial intelligence (AI) model, ChatGPT. The chatbot has quickly gone viral because of its impressive performance and the human-like response quality. So naturally, the next question on our minds is: how could this be applied to the customer experience? And, yes, we might have used it to help us answer this question. Read on to learn what it (we) found. 

ChatGPT at a Glance

First launched at the tail end of 2022, ChatGPT is a tool specializing in natural language dialogue processing. The project is funded by Microsoft and based on AI developed by OpenAI, a capped, for-profit AI research organization founded in 2015. ChatGPT is a chat platform where users can instant message with an AI-powered bot, making research and information gathering incredibly easy and fast. Its impressive capabilities have turned it into a true conversational agent. 

ChatGPT examples, capabilities, and limitations

How It Works

For the general public wishing to use ChatGPT, the process is simple. All you need to do to access this free tool is create an account on the OpenAI website. Once connected, users can directly enter a query in any language and receive an instant, relevant response. The bot can handle all sorts of requests, including:

  • Answering questions
  • Writing original content
  • Generating outlines
  • Translating text
  • And so much more!

GPT is an acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, which is a deep learning neural network model trained with data available on the internet to handle a wide variety of topics. ChatGPT runs on GPT-3, the third generation of this technology, and is considered one of the most advanced text generation models currently available.

ℹ️ ChatGPT might explain itself a bit better: 


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How It's Different From a Standard Chatbot

ChatGPT uses machine learning based on a very large database to understand and generate natural language autonomously. Unlike traditional chatbot models, which must be programmed with predefined responses, ChatGPT can be applied to a wide variety of domains. It’s trained using human feedback that helps it better understand the nuances of natural language and provide relevant, personalized responses. 

What Customer Service Operations Look Like With ChatGPT

Now that we know what ChatGPT is and how anyone can use it, what role could it play for businesses, especially for their digital customer experience? Augmented intelligence is a fantastic tool for assisting customer service representatives, and the benefits of AI-powered chatbots for brands are well established. ChatGPT could be a real asset in helping to solve many of the typical customer experience challenges that businesses tend to face, like:

  • Providing comprehensive customer support
  • Designing better customer service chatbots
  • Reporting & key customer behavior insights

It can enhance customer support operations by:

  • Reducing customer service representatives’ workload by training chatbots to better handle incoming requests from online shoppers.
  • Enabling quicker response times for customer service representatives by providing ready-to-use responses to typical customer requests. 
  • Overcoming language barriers by instantly translating inquiries into any language.
  • Helping brands identify gaps in their customer service strategies through customer behavior and feedback analysis. 
  • Building more personalized marketing campaigns based on customer behavior and feedback analysis. 

ChatGPT is piquing the interest of brands and retailers everywhere because of its ability to simultaneously improve the productivity of customer service agents and reduce costs. Bot modules can be developed to design text templates, generate conversation summaries, or assist in real-time supervision of team managers. These tools allow for a better response time and higher efficiency among customer service agents. Thanks to its vast comprehension capacity, its responses can be applied and tailored to a wide range of industries–consumer electronics, retail, sporting goods, fashion–which represents numerous application opportunities for companies who use it.

To quote ChatGPT:


By using ChatGPT to enhance the customer experience, companies can reduce labor costs for customer service agents while improving the customer experience. It can also allow companies to better understand their customers' needs and build loyalty.

ChatGPT + the iAdvize Conversational Desk in Action

Brands can now experience the power of OpenAI in their own conversational strategies. At iAdvize, we believe that a smart mix of technology and the human touch is the key to delivering world-class digital customer experiences. With this in mind, we developed two initial ChatGPT applications to enhance the functionality of our conversational platform for the customer support systems that use it.

  • Smart Summary provides a summary of the customer's previous interactions when an agent receives a new conversation (e.g. following a transfer), allowing them to capture customer context quickly.
  • Open Q&A offers suggestions for agents to use in response to customer questions to help them solve customer problems faster and more effectively. ChatGPT does this without needing any training on a brand’s common questions or answers. 

Check out how it works:


"Augmenting the human experience with AI has been at the heart of our product vision for many years. We believe that these innovations are a great opportunity to improve the performance of our conversational AI, which is already present in more than half of our customers' conversational interactions." 

Florent Gosselin, CPO at iAdvize


Is It the Future of Customer Experience?

Ultimately more than just a passing trend, ChatGPT is a real opportunity for brands to drastically improve online customer experience operations in a cost-efficient way. Its remarkable comprehension capabilities make it possible to automate time-consuming tasks and relieve pressure on customer support. Even better, it makes it easy to track conversations and transfer requests from one advisor to another, providing a seamless experience and personalized support for all customers.

The flipside that brands must also consider before implementing use is, what are its limitations? For starters, in order to produce content, it draws from the vast pool of text and conversations already available on the internet. This raises questions around the originality of the responses it produces and the accuracy of the words generated by the application. Because of this, the human eye remains essential to verify its responses.

Integrating ChatGPT in a conversational strategy that combines AI and the human touch will certainly allow brands, like Best Western, to strengthen their customer relationships and boost productivity

ChatGPT's Final Thoughts on the Matter

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