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For The Environment.

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Carbon Footprint.

Since 2021, we have calculated iAdvize’s carbon footprint annually. These reports serve as a compass for us to identify priority areas for reducing carbon emissions linked to our activity.

Source: sami
The “e” after CO2 means “equivalent” because we report all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in CO2 equivalent (but CO2 is not the only GHG). 

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For The People.


Gender distribution at iAdvize:

venus43%   mars57%



Score obtained for the gender pay gap index in 2024:


Line 1



Pay gap between women and men:


Difference in individual increase rates between women and men:


Percentage of employees who returned from maternity leave and received an increase:


Parity among the highest paid:

emoji Goals 2024
Ensure equal pay for men and women in equivalent positions and with equivalent experience, and improve pay by at least 3 points.
Continue to increase female representation in the highest-paid positions through recruitment, promotion and training.


We implemented a safe-place policy: anti-harassment charter, simplified alert procedure for victims and witnesses, investigation and planned sanctions, communication on these systems through onboarding, and reminders. 

We partner with Ada Tech School, which aims to increase diversity in tech by recruiting & training mainly women and underserved profiles that are statistically further from digital. We train apprentices from this school and dedicate time with them for practice interviews and mentoring.

We also partner with the Télémaque association. This partnership aims to find mentors among our employees to support children from priority neighborhoods.

To raise awareness among all employees, we organize events and conferences every year, such as those aiming to raise awareness of the fight against sexism at work, and conferences on trans identity, autism, and employment.



Env et cond de travail

Environment and Working Conditions.

Every year, we take the pulse of the company by offering a survey to employees. This allows us to maintain an ongoing conversation to identify our strengths and weaknesses to continue improving.

*Percentage of marks 4/5 and 5/5 obtained on the following questions:

  • My manager links my actions (or missions) to the iAdvize strategy
  • I have the tools and equipment necessary to properly carry out my work
  • The quality of collaboration between teams is good
  • Over the past six months, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow at work

For Our Community.

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Our commitment to customer satisfaction has been unwavering since the beginning.

*Method: % positive responses / number of surveys sent upon closing a request from an end customer handled by an advisor on the chat and ticket channels.



Alone, we go faster, together, we go further.
We choose to partner with organizations that share our values and commitments.

Our responsible purchasing charter is the basis of our relationships with our suppliers.

For Associations.

Soutiens financiers

Financial Support.

In 2023, we set aside €24,000 to contribute to the development of solidarity organizations.

We also donated €2,350 to the association fighting breast cancer, "Dune Rose à l'autre", organizer of the Rose Trip Morocco trek.

Each employee has an annual pot of €150 which allows them to support projects, including associations such as Unicef Ukraine (donation of €30,000).

b corp

Solidarity Actions.

The commitment of our employees is a strength. 

Donations and collections  

  • Collection of warm clothing, food, and hygiene products on the premises for the benefit of the Les p’tits gilets association.

  • Group blood donation.

One-day boosts

Each person can dedicate one day per year to the cause of their choice.
Here are some examples:

  • Participation in the national collection of Resto du Cœur in supermarkets.

  • Help with the organization of a festival for the Changeons-en-Festival association which promotes access to culture in rural areas.

  • Participation in a Climate Camp with the Alternatiba association to raise awareness, train, and learn more about environmental and social issues and techniques to be able to take concrete action.