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Generative AI in Action: 4 AI Chatbot Success Stories to Guide Your Ecommerce Strategy

Julia Lackey

Generative AI in Action: 4 AI Chatbot Success Stories to Guide Your Ecommerce Strategy

In 2023, the integration of generative AI into daily life took conversational commerce to new heights, with major players seeing exceptional results. Discover how these brands pioneered the use of generative AI chatbots on their e-commerce websites to optimize the customer experience, boost online sales, and achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction levels. Each example illustrates the transformative impact of generative AI for the e-commerce sector, paving the way for a new era where conversation becomes the core of the online shopping journey. In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, ecommerce chatbot strategies are quickly adapting to take advantage of the opportunities offered by generative AI.

The Benefits of Integrating an Ecommerce Chatbot On Your Website

Gone are the days of older-generation chatbots with more cons than pros—ones that routinely misfire and create a frustrating customer experience. Coupled with human expertise, generative AI will help your business meet the challenge of providing consumers with relevant and instantaneous product information that guides their purchasing decisions.


According to data from our recent Ipsos x iAdvize study, 74% of US consumers are interested in using generative AI to get detailed product information. Oftentimes, consumers contact customer service for information already available on the websites of most brands, like payment terms, delivery times, and return policies. An ecommerce platform can leverage AI and chat to effectively automate responses to these frequently asked questions, drawn from their own faqs. This streamlines handling time while reducing workload for customer service agents.

From enhanced automation capabilities to scaled personalization, chatbots built specifically for business succeed where others have failed. Explore four leading e-commerce brands’ challenges and see how generative AI helped solve them. Whether ecommerce professionals, novice users, or developers seeking AI customer solutions, these case studies will offer unique insight into the features, functionality, and the result of this rapidly evolving technology.

Ecommerce Brand Leverages Trusted Generative AI to Offer 20 Million Users Online Shopping Assistance

iAdvize and Cdiscount, the French e-commerce leader, have been in partnership since 2011, helping its 8 million customers with their shopping journeys through conversational assistance and boosting online revenue. The brand’s mission is to offer its shoppers the best promotions and meet all customers' equipment needs. 

To achieve this, they must facilitate connections between their 20 million unique monthly visitors and 80 million products, distributed across 2,500 categories. The brand turned to chatbot technology to conquer this challenge.

Cdiscount deployed iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers, the Trusted Generative AI developed by iAdvize, with the goal of scaling their online shopping experience by providing AI assistance to their 8+ million active website visitors. The results are impressive: 

  • 70% CSAT score, 3x higher than previous-generation bots
  • 24% conversion rate post-conversation with generative AI
  • 40% of conversations fully automated by AI

“In just a few weeks, AI has been able to fully handle 40% of customer conversations. The conversion rate is the same as with a human advisor, and customer satisfaction surpasses that of all decision-tree chatbots. I’m convinced that generative AI will transform customer relations.”

– Antoine Pierart, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience at Cdiscount

Cdiscount use case

Consumer Electronics Retailer Boosts CSAT 28 Points With AI Chatbot

Vanden Borre, in the Fnac-Darty group, is a leading Belgian retailer for consumer electronics and household appliances. Since 2021, iAdvize has helped the brand enhance their e-commerce conversational strategy. To take their user experience up a notch, they decided to integrate iAdvize's multilingual generative AI assistants across all 15,000 of their product pages, offering 24/7 support to visitors throughout their online buying journey. 

The brand chose to deploy iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers, a chatbot that autonomously understands and responds to site visitors in any natural language. Complementing the brand's existing connected bot that offers a store locator and order tracking information, iAdvize Copilot™ sees excellent pre-sales performance. 

It helps scale guidance for consumers throughout their e-commerce customer journey with unprecedented accuracy and response quality, maximizing conversion potential while freeing up human respondents to handle more complex requests. The results prove that this generative AI bot outperformed Vanden Borre’s previous NLU bot. 

  • 80% CSAT score, +28 points vs. previous-generation AI bots (NLU)
  • 58% of conversations fully automated by iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers
  • 2x CVR vs. previous-generation AI bots (NLU)

“After a few months, we’re pleased to confirm that this pre-sales solution offers real added value to our customers and integrates smoothly into our customer journey.” 

– Cyrille Regardin, Director of Aftersales & Contact Center at Vanden Borre

Vanden Borre use case

Leading Specialty Manufacturer Increases Ecommerce Conversion 5x With Generative AI Bot

“Engagement and authenticity are expected from our customers. iAdvize Trusted Generative AI helped us provide both to scale.”

– Chris Pirrotta, VP Marketing at Sideshow

Since 2019, iAdvize has partnered with Sideshow, the leading global specialty manufacturer, to enhance their digital conversational strategy using AI customer solutions. This initially manifested as improving their e-commerce site’s response quality through the addition of independent, on-demand brand advocates that specialize in answering questions about Sideshow’s extensive pop-culture collectible catalog. Now, they’re elevating their customer experience even further by deploying our Trusted Generative AI solution, iAdvize Copilot™, on all their product pages. 

Because a significant portion of Sideshow’s customer base consists of pop-culture enthusiasts and experts, it presented a unique challenge for the brand. These individuals often have in-depth knowledge and nuanced questions about the products they’re interested in, making it difficult for previous-generation AI bots (NLU) to deliver responses that are accurate enough to meet their complex expectations. Generative AI emerged as the right solution to increase messaging automation, achieve a high CVR and CSAT, and boost e-commerce ROI.

  • 94% CSAT on conversations fully automated by iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers
  • 5x conversion rate for conversations assisted by iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers
  • 88% positive feedback on answers provided by iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers

Sideshow use case

Fashion Brand IKKS Reaches 80% Ecommerce Automation With Generative AI

IKKS, a prominent name in French fashion, embraced messaging in 2017 to enhance customer support on its website, offering personalized advice and recommendations akin to the in-store shopping experience. By September 2023, due to the increasing volume of site visitor interactions and the need to manage costs more effectively, the brand sought to find an innovative solution for automating its messaging strategy. That’s when IKKS turned to generative AI copilots, confident in the technology’s ability to deliver quality e-commerce customer experiences that surpass those provided by older generation chatbots (NLU).

The brand’s goal is to provide a tailored and relevant response to each customer on their website, as quickly as possible, but it faced two major challenges. The first being that their website sees a high volume of frequently asked questions, a majority of which are about recurring topics like offers, delivery, and return information, and these requests are handled solely by their human support. Furthermore, the brand found it difficult to provide responses to users around the clock. 

iAdvize Copilot™ allows IKKS to meet all their goals, while maintaining budget through strategic automation.

  • 79% full or partial automation of conversations
  • +52% of site visitors assisted on IKKS.com
  • 18% CVR for fully automated conversations

“For us, it’s a technology that optimizes the customer experience on our site while ensuring cost control, regardless of the volume of conversations handled. [...]  It ultimately leads to more conversions and revenue on our site.”

– Aurélie Labatut-Leroux, E-commerce & Omnichannel Director at IKKS

Eventually, the brand plans to deploy Trusted Generative AI on their other websites and internationally, and expand the generative AI’s scope in assisting with product discovery. They would also like to provide an ‘augmented collaborator’ tool for customer service agents with iAdvize Copilot™ for Agents, virtual assistants that help agents with tasks like text translation and writing product descriptions.  

IKKS use case

Ecommerce Enters a New Era

These success stories prove the effectiveness of customer-facing generative AI in addressing ecommerce challenges. The user experience consistently works to streamline repetitive tasks and satisfy consumers, no matter the volume of customer requests or the time of day. The adoption of artificial intelligence brings significant advantages, from automating site visitor interactions to significantly increasing conversion rates. 

As these implementation use cases show, generative AI meets the modern challenges of ecommerce, and the result is an online shopping experience that satisfies even the most demanding customers. E-commerce has indeed entered a new era, one where the online shopping journey starts with a conversation.

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