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What is Conversational Marketing & Why You Need It


What is Conversational Marketing & Why You Need It

Conversational marketing puts conversations between brands and their customers at the heart of the online buying journey. It typically refers to the transactions generated directly from conversations between customers and customer service representatives over online communication channels.

The Definition of Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is engaging online consumers at every step of their buying journey through real-time, personalized conversations. The goal is to use digital communication channels, like third-party messaging apps or a live chat button on your website, to promote your products or services. It's a strategy that focuses on building and maintaining strong customer relationships by bridging the digital divide between your brand and your online customer base. 

Conversational marketing strategies include:

Why You Need It

Conversational marketing allows you to humanize your customer experience while automating it at the same time. You can infuse personalization across your entire online shopping journey so that you're customers have the opportunity to connect with your brand at any point, over any channel they choose.   

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