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Back’On: iAdvize’s Collaborative Corporate Fund


Back’On: iAdvize’s Collaborative Corporate Fund

iAdvize's internal and collaborative fund is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, making it the perfect opportunity to highlight the origins of this amazing program! Launched in 2014, the Back'On Fund is an initiative that exemplifies our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration by supporting our employees in getting creative and putting their ideas into action in ways that benefit the entire company.

The Origins: A Solidarity Initiative That Sets An Example

The idea for this fund came from a simple yet significant act: one of our employees wanted to send flowers to a client that was in the hospital. When our CEO, Julien, received this request, he was both delighted and surprised: "Why would he need my permission for such a wonderful idea? I trust him—He should be able to decide that on his own!"

From there, Back'On was born, aimed at giving all our employees the ability to take similar initiatives without needing prior authorization.

What is Back'On?

The Back'On initiative allocates an annual sum of €150 to all iAdvize employees, including interns and apprentices. This budget can be used to fund projects that will improve the experience of colleagues, clients, or the overall work environment. Project options can vary, and have ranged from organizing events to purchasing useful items or services. 

"The Back'On program allows us to offer yoga classes to all employees without any upfront costs and to participate in collaborative projects that encourage team building and collective initiatives."

– Vinciane, Head of Customer Solution Experts

Impact on Corporate Culture

Back'On reinforces iAdvize’s main values of being committed for better, having an entrepreneurial spirit, building a learning organization, and encouraging fun as a must-have.

By giving employees the freedom to get creative with their brainstorming and come together to plan and execute a project they choose, we’re cultivating a work environment where innovation and mutual support thrive.

Initiatives like charity events, personalized welcomes for loyal clients, or the purchase of equipment to improve work and relaxation spaces illustrate the positive impact that Back'On has had on the company environment.

Examples of Projects Funded by Back'On

Over the past 10 years, all kinds of initiatives have come to life thanks to this program. Here are a few examples:

  • Improvement of our spaces: Buying a barbecue, plants, a ping-pong table, and board games, and repairing an arcade machine
  • Employee education: Purchasing books, and participating in the digital fresco
  • Participation in sporting events: Deauville International Triathlon, Go’Trail, and Web Sporting League
  • Funding sports and creative activities: Yoga and strength classes, sewing, badminton, and a cooking battle
  • Donating to organizations: UNICEF, Breast Cancer Awareness, and 1000 Mustaches
  • Small gestures for our clients: A birthday and a thank you gift

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