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Carbon Contribution and Biodiversity: The iAdvize Initiative


Carbon Contribution and Biodiversity: The iAdvize Initiative

In the face of today's environmental challenges, it's imperative for every company to consider its planetary impact and take responsible action. At iAdvize, this reflection has led to a series of steps aimed at minimizing our ecological footprint and positively contributing to the preservation of our environment. Our carbon contribution initiative and efforts to safeguard biodiversity are key components of this comprehensive approach, reflecting our commitment to a more sustainable future. Let’s walk through the details, from the project's inception to its implementation.

The Impact Approach Behind The Carbon Contribution Project

Aware that combating the ecological crisis requires a multifaceted approach, we've adopted a strategy that includes various awareness and environmental impact improvement actions. According to the Net Zero Initiative (NZI) that aims to define the framework for corporate carbon neutrality, there are three essential pillars to structure climate action:

  • Reducing emissions across our value chain
  • Assisting others in reducing their emissions
  • Developing carbon sinks

From reducing our digital impact and rethinking internal travel to reduce emissions, to hosting climate mural workshops that educate our employees, every action counts. Our reforestation and ecosystem management partnership is a part of our larger commitment to the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

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What is Carbon Contribution?

Carbon contribution is a proactive approach adopted by environmentally conscious companies and individuals who aim to do more than their fair share regarding their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This approach involves investing in initiatives that sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, and projects can range anywhere from reforestation, ecosystem restoration, and renewable energy development to improving energy efficiency. Carbon contribution acknowledges that, beyond minimizing your own carbon footprint, actively participating in the restoration and preservation of our natural environment is equally crucial.

To make our project a reality, we had to first meet some important conditions.

Condition #1: Prioritize Carbon Emission Reduction

Our journey began with a corporate carbon assessment. This crucial step helped pinpoint and quantify all the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission sources related to company activities, providing a solid foundation for implementing reduction strategies.

Since 2021, we've calculated iAdvize’s carbon footprint annually. These reports serve as a compass for us to identify priority areas for reducing carbon emissions.

iAdvize's carbon assessment for 2022

iAdvize’s 2022 carbon footprint assessment

True participation in carbon contribution involves more than just compensation; it requires a transparent approach to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing.

Condition #2: Transparency

Transparency in communicating corporate actions to reduce our CO2 emissions is critical, and it’s why we’re focused on carbon contribution instead of carbon compensation.

The term ‘compensation’ can be misleading, because it implies that we’re just trying to rebalance, or cancel out our emissions through our efforts. The pillar of a carbon contribution plan is emission reduction. While we also contribute to the development of carbon sinks, our main priority is reducing company greenhouse gas emissions.

Condition #3: Employee Participation

Encouraging participation in carbon contribution initiatives happened in two stages:

  • We had volunteers brainstorm and explore project possibilities for a period of 8 months. During this time, they met weekly and spoke with potential partners about ideas. This process created an impact team of five, who became skilled in the topic and were motivated to make informed efforts through collaboration with experts.
  • Once this group had formed, they presented two carbon contribution projects to the entire company. Following this presentation, our team members voted on the project they’d like iAdvize to invest in. 

This process not only allowed for the careful selection of this carbon contribution project, but also fostered awareness and engagement internally. Now that we’re far past the brainstorming phase, it’s time to tell you about our chosen project! 

Reforestation and Biodiversity Preservation: A Commitment To The Environment

Forests, second only to oceans as the world's largest carbon sink, play a significant role in sequestering atmospheric carbon through photosynthesis. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air, use solar energy to convert it into glucose, and store some of this carbon in their biomass (trunks, branches, leaves, roots) and soil. This process lowers CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere, and helps with climate regulation.

We collectively decided to reforest a plot of land in the western France region of Guiscriff, Morbihan, not far from our headquarters in Nantes. Covering 17 hectares of unused agricultural land, the project aimed to plant a sustainable forest with a variety of tree species, including:

  • Sequoias
  • Beech Trees
  • Fir Trees
  • Maritime Pines
  • Radiata Pines
  • Douglas Firs

This mix of trees will both sequester carbon and enrich local biodiversity. Four hectares of the plot are dedicated to preserving a slope, which is a valuable biodiversity zone, that will be maintained to support the region's unique fauna and flora. Launched in 2023, this project will eventually sequester 510 tons of CO2eq.

The timeline of the Guiscriff Forest's development

Guiscriff Forest’s Journey 

To successfully carry out the initiative, we partnered with EcoTree, a European leader in sustainable solutions for businesses. This collaboration underscores our desire to actively contribute to tangible ecological initiatives, while relying on a partner with expertise in sustainable forest management.

Image 4

Planting in progress, Guiscriff Forest December 2023

Project Benefits

The Impact of Reforestation

The Guiscriff Forest project is not just for the purpose of creating a carbon sink. The ecosystem that’ll start to emerge will also contribute to reducing natural risks, enhancing the social and economic development of the area, and the preservation and enrichment of biodiversity. The forest will play a key role in regulating erosion and climate, while providing valuable resources for the surrounding wildlife.

Internal Awareness

The in-depth examination of issues related to carbon contribution, the involvement of the entire company in project selection, fostering discussions, and continuous project monitoring helped increase awareness throughout iAdvize.

Since our partner, EcoTree, involves our teams in other actions past this one, such as a visit to the similar but already mature Pézarches Forest in the fall of 2023. This visit was an opportunity to learn from forest management experts, including a forester, biodiversity specialist, and beekeeper.

Image 5

iAdvize team members visit the Pézarches Forest

Our commitment doesn't stop at carbon contribution. We recognize that fighting climate change requires a comprehensive approach, so we’re always brainstorming new ways to reduce our environmental footprint and promote a more sustainable future.