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Petit Bateau Streamlines Customer Service With Assisted E-commerce

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Since 2017, French clothing brand Petit Bateau has been developing and improving their conversational strategy with the iAdvize platform. With an expansive customer base across France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom, our premium e-commerce messaging technology allows the brand to provide a superior online support experience that exceeds their customers’ expectations.



Optimize the Customer Journey and Manage All Requests On-Site

For a company with such a strong brand identity, offering a premium online experience is essential—especially since 30% of all sales come from their e-commerce websites. They strive to provide their customers with service that complements their promise of durable, high-quality clothing. They found that focusing on messaging efficiency was the best approach to improve their online customer service. 

With iAdvize’s website live chat tool, they’re able to provide assisted e-commerce (advanced AI-powered automation self-service capabilities mixed with authentic human support). And still, the brand was finding that their customer request volume was overwhelming their customer service reps and they struggled to provide around-the-clock coverage. They faced two main challenges:



Improving the post-purchase customer journey
Achieving successful 24/7 handling of all online inquiries
We’ve implemented asynchronous message processing, which allows customers to leave us messages when customer service is closed. Our advisors process them as soon as they log back in—no lost messages! We keep in touch 24/7.
Line Lecuyer
Line Lecuyer
Customer Relations Manager at Petit Bateau


Streamline Advisor Operations With An Intelligent Chatbot

Petit Bateau found their solution in automation. They advanced their chatbot capabilities to handle a higher level of customer requests and more successfully manage response volume and efficiency. Their upgrades included: 
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Improvement of Their Existing Chatbot, Marin, Through Advanced AI 

Petit Bateau used a form of artificial intelligence called natural language understanding (NLU) to increase the scope of their chatbot's capabilities. It enabled the bot to better understand customer requests and improve over time as it gathers more information.

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A Self-Service Connector That Enables Customers to Follow Order Status 

This iAdvize connector allows the chatbot to ask the brand's API for order tracking information. For the customer, they can access the status of their order directly in the chat. This is a common recurring request that’s now solved in a few seconds and requires no effort from customer service.

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Connected Customer Service Reps For Higher Value Requests

Supported by Marin, customer service reps and product experts connected to the live chat can answer more complex requests and accompany shoppers through their entire buying journey. Mission accomplished for the post-sales side and messaging helped drive the conversion on the pre-sales side!



Increased Customer Service Productivity

reduction in order information requests
to customer service
automated conversations
(partially or fully handled by a chatbot)
boost in CSAT
(one month after introduction of the connector)
Our bot is very much in demand, especially for returns, exchanges, and package tracking. It allows us to answer these questions in a fully automated way and frees up customer service to focus on higher value-added subjects. Nevertheless, we want to keep in touch and if the customer is not satisfied with the answer, they stay in the chat and ask to speak to a consultant!
Line Lecuyer
Line Lecuyer
Customer Relations Manager at Petit Bateau