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Predict and engage the best contact opportunities with authentic experts 24/7 and convert them into business value.

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Gartner Cool Vendor
"I'm looking for a bluetooth speaker."
Hi! I would like to buy a bluetooth speaker. Can you give me some advice?
Hi! There is a wide variety of products and price ranges. What's your budget?
Under £100 if it's possible.
No problem! Let me have a look at our products. I'll come back to you in a few minutes.
"I'm a high-tech expert, available to help you."

2,500 websites worldwide use iAdvize

Predict and detect the best contact opportunities wherever they are

Target users who most need your help, whether they're on your website or on social media. Define the triggers that are meaningful for your business: number of website visits, change in basket value, error detection, a tweet that includes specific keywords, etc.

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Jack Perry

I love hiking. My last journey was to Brazil! Do you need any advice?

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Bettie Mendez

I'm from London, I am passionate about cooking and I'm a night owl!

chats per day
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Hallie Holland

I'm a floral stylist by day and I love to help people in my spare time!

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Scott Reyes

I'm a traveller and I take my camera everywhere with me!

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Willow Jackson

My favourite designer? Elie Saab! Can I suggest some outfits for your next event?

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Select the best experts and provide authentic advice

Garden lovers, travellers, DIY enthusiasts, IT geeks, etc. No matter what their passion is, ibbü gives them the opportunity to share their unique expertise. Brands can benefit by connecting their online shoppers with these savvy enthusiasts who receive financial compensation for sharing their tips in real-time.

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We spark conversations between you and your customers

Your customers
Brands miss out on more than 70% contact opportunities
of the visitors who receive support are converted into customers leading to a 36% increase in the average basket value
online shoppers abandon their basket because they don’t receive support
of the visitors who received support say they are satisfied. This increases to 92% if they are supported by ibbü experts.
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What are you looking for?
Cross-channel Website, social media, messaging apps, SMS
Multi-device Mobile, desktop, tablet
Predictive Targeting Engage visitors depending on basket value, the number of pageviews, etc.
Predictive Answers Suggested smart answers
Intelligent Routing Language, skills, level of expertise, location, etc.
Co-browsing See visitor mouvements on your website in real-time
On-demand Experts Genuine experts available 24/7
Bots Automatic chat conversations and smart combination with live agents
Real-time Analytics Occupancy rate, number of chats, AHT, satisfaction rate, turnover
Connectors Zendesk, Salesforce, Lithium, Genesys, etc.
Easy deployment Javascript tag to implement on all website pages
Security Secured server access and monitoring 24/7