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Decathlon Spain Boosts Sales and Delights Online Customers by Connecting Them to Their Local Store

Decathlon Spain Boosts Sales and Delights Online Customers by Connecting Them to Their Local Store
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With over 1,700 stores around the world in 70 countries, Decathlon S.A. is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. has used iAdvize to assist their online customers via messaging with customer service and product advice since 2016.



Bridge The Gap Between Physical & Digital Customer Journeys

Offer the greatest possible flexibility from one customer journey to another, whether physical or digital, to address today’s customer expectations. In the Covid period, they increased the ROI of their physical stores by:

- Improving floor staff occupancy rate

- Encouraging shoppers to visit physical stores with a localized drive-to-store strategy

Bridge The Gap Between Physical & Digital Customer Journeys


Connect Online Shoppers With In-store Experts

Chat & Video Chat

Chat & Video Chat

Deployment of in-store floor staff to advise online visitors via chat and video call

→ Via the iAdvize conversational platform, through an application installed on a smartphone (iOS and Android)

Smart Targeting & Geo-routing

Smart Targeting & Geo-routing

A chat window that appears based on precise targeting rules to push the drive-to-store

strategy, including:

1. Geo-localization of the website’s visitors to put them in touch with the sales representatives closest to them.

2. Transfer of inquiries to Decathlon’s sales associates who are experts in the customer’s sport of interest.



The questions asked by chat on various pages dedicated to different types of sports (fitness, yoga, outdoors) are redirected to the sales staff depending on their skills and knowledge. Managers are trained to add these advisers to the conversational platform and assign them to a particular sport.

Key figures

In 2022, about 7,000 store associates have been on-boarded onto the conversational platform so that they can easily answer online visitors’ questions when they’re not busy in store.

400+ Decathlon sales associates connect with online customers, covering all sports and increasing customer conversion and retention every day. 



A Local Customer Relationship That Drives Conversion

+10 points
in CVR, observed in the cycling product category, thanks to a boost of the BOPIS service (buy online, pick up in-store)
Conversion Rate
post-chat conversion rate generated by store associates
Customer Satisfaction
post-chat satisfaction rate (CSAT) for store associates
NPS points
Frame 173 (1)