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Conversational Replay: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Live Shopping Replays


Conversational Replay: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Live Shopping Replays


Over the past 3 years, live shopping has dramatically changed the landscape of conversational commerce in the United States. This fresh and exciting acquisition channel combines two of consumers’ favorite things: video content and shopping. Read on to learn why Conversational Replay is the final piece of the live commerce experience that will make your live shopping events truly top tier.  

Live Shopping & Messaging: The Recipe for a Conversational Brand Experience

Modern consumers are no longer satisfied with the traditional online shopping experience. They’re constantly seeking more immersive and interactive ways to connect and communicate with their favorite brands. 

Live shopping is the answer you're searching for to meet their expectations. With features like gamification, polls, live messaging, and contests, live shopping events are a great way to expand your consumer reach and build a community of dedicated and engaged customers, while driving revenue

Acquiring the Aploze live shopping platform back in 2021 allowed iAdvize to take an important step forward in offering the only 360° conversational customer experience platform. It expanded our solution capabilities and the breadth of what we can do to help brands optimize their customer journey with conversation at every step. Aploze by iAdvize successfully bridged the gap between the lofty consumer demands of today and what the customer experience can look like given the right tools. 

Now, the union of the Aploze live shopping platform and our state-of-the-art live chat and conversational AI technology enabled us to revolutionize the live commerce experience even further. Our newest innovation, Conversational Replay, turns the replays of your live events into another ROI lever by keeping the conversation going with new and existing live shopping customers. 

The Shift to Conversational Commerce is Crucial for Brands Going Forward  

The rapid growth in digitalization we’ve seen in recent years was only amplified by the global events of the last few years. Constant connectivity is now the norm, and so is access to more and more companies. The competition to stand out in the digital sphere continues to intensify. Brands and retailers are trying to figure out creative ways to differentiate their e-commerce operations, engage with their online customer base, and build lasting customer loyalty.

At its first global conference, Meta revealed that 7 out of 10 people feel more connected to the companies they can contact via messaging. Our survey conducted with OpinionWay on live commerce and the expectations of French consumers furthered this sentiment by revealing that 33% of live shopping event viewers would not have purchased the products they did without that event experience. Moreover, 7 out of 10 said they would buy products presented during a live event in the future.

Enhancing the entire digital shopping experience, customer relationships, and the level of personalization are at the heart of our new live commerce feature. Take a look at how it works:

Why Conversational Replay is so Important 

Replay Content That Keeps Engagement Flowing 

Our clients see that their replays generate 3 to 5x more of an audience than their live events do. UNIFY not only found that the live event they hosted for the Philips brand saw 90% of its audience from the replay, but also that the replay video generated 68% of all conversions

"The replay transformation allowed us to draw extremely rich insight from this first event and, above all, to understand that yes, you have to create the event, but you also really have to think about live shopping as a whole."

– Klervia Bianchi, Director of Performance & Innovation at UNIFY GROUP

Philips Leverages Live Shopping into a Powerful Promotional Tool

Read the success story

The replay is just as important as the live streamed event, if not more so. Ensure you’re maximizing use of your live shopping content by utilizing your replays to their fullest potential.

Aploze by iAdvize offers a range of features to make the most of the replay experience

  • Complete viewing flexibility: Viewers can quickly find specific product presentations throughout the video, and pause or play at will.
  • Live messaging: Viewers can chat with a customer service rep or product enthusiast through the integrated iAdvize chat button right on your replay videos.

Live shopping conversion rates are up 10x compared to standard e-commerce rates

1-on-1 Engagement in the Experience of 1-to-Many

It’s important to capitalize on the large browser volume you receive on the replay videos of your live events and maximize the potential long-term impact. To help with this, we created a unique continuity between during-event and post-event conversations by integrating the tried-and-true live chat technology our iAdvize 360° Conversational Platform is known for.

Conversational Replay makes it so that your replay viewers don’t have to break their user experience and navigate away from your live shopping replay. This creates an optimal environment for conversion on a live event video long after the event has ended.  

How does this actually work? You can now place our iAdvize live chat button on all your replay videos so that viewers can connect with your brand, get answers to questions about the content they’re seeing, and purchase products from the event they’re watching directly from the replay

Want a snapshot of the many benefits? Conversational Replay allows you to:

80% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that ofer personalized experiences.

Looking to build a state-of-the-art live shopping strategy, but unsure where to begin? Start simple: choose a live shopping platform. With the massive number of options on the market, we've created a modifiable guide with over 50 evaluation criteria to help you easily compare vendors, ask the right questions, and choose the perfect solution for your business goals. 

Learn more about Conversational Replay and get started with live shopping today.

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