[Checklist] An omni-channel experience for your customers

According to Aspect Software, businesses that adopt an omni-channel customer experience strategy achieve 91% better year-over-year retention rates. But only 7% of businesses can currently deliver a seamless omni-channel customer experience in real-time at all times (CMO Council). This means that it is now key for businesses to be ubiquitous to support prospects and customers whenever they need help wherever they are asking for it.

Here are 4 best practices to become ubiquitous and offer an omni-channel experience to your customers.

Target the right prospects

Create a list of qualitative criteria and attribute a value to each one. Offer proactive support whenever it can be useful for your customers and prospects (on key pages of the checkout funnel for example).
94% of companies agree that personalisation is critical to their success. However, less than half are personalising their website experience (Econsultancy).

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Centralise all the messages you receive

As you target the visitors who most need your help at a certain time, you also need to interact with them on their favourite channel. Being available on several channels can be time consuming so you really need to centralise all the messages you receive from different touchpoints within one single tool. This way, you offer a seamless experience to your customers and remain flexible.

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Be flexible, be mobile

By 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users. Because users are now mobile, they also have different behaviors and you have to adapt to these: try not to be too intrusive in their navigation, be as direct as possible, think about their experience for both Android & iOS and be responsive and focus on the conversation.

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Weekends and evenings also represent opportunities

Your professional customer service agents have a definite schedule from Monday to Friday. Therefore you miss 60% of your contact opportunities with prospects and customers. But if you entrust your customer service to savvy enthusiasts in the evenings and at weekends, you can handle all queries whenever your customers need it and also offer an authentic and personalised experience.

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[Checklist] An omni-channel experience for your customers

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