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Thanks to the digitization of its customer service, Best Western France can provide an omnichannel experience that increases its revenue

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A strategic partnership established between
the two brands in 2018 has enabled this hotel
industry leader to put artificial intelligence and people
at the heart of its customer relations strategy.



To stand out by engaging customers and offering 24/7 assistance on all channels

There is heavy competition in the hotel industry, which has increased with the digitization of the sector: competition from other brands, reservation websites and homestays. A Forrester study shows that 64% of travelers aren’t loyal to one hotel chain in particular. Keeping them is the challenge.

To counter this, it’s necessary to satisfy and even exceed customers’ wishes, who today are looking for hyper-personalized, authentic experiences. Reducing sources of friction is crucial to attracting and keeping new customers directly on the site.

Delight travelers who are looking for an experience
Develop a direct-to-consumer approach
I think we're at a tipping point, accentuated by the health crisis: there's no longer that barrier to chat with a brand. On the contrary, there is an expectation from the customer to be able to converse with the brand in the way they want to. You'll always have the phone enthusiasts, the die-hards. And then you have all the nomads who say "I don't care who answers me, I want a reliable and quick answer.
Virginie Barboux
General Manager, Communication, Digital & Customer Experience - Best Western France


Combining chatbot+humans and omnichannel capabilities for a qualitative phygital experience.

Best Western France has opted for digitization in order to streamline the experience while keeping people at the center of its customer service, honoring its core business: hospitality.
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Automation and artificial intelligence

The use of intelligent chatbots (NLU) that are capable of understanding a visitor’s needs makes it possible to provide fast and relevant answers 24/7 and redirect them to an agent if necessary.

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Relevant and genuine advice

Agents become more available to handle complex traveler requests in real time or asynchronously.

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An omnichannel experience

The objective: be where customers are connected. Best Western France provides support for its customers via messaging on its site and third-party channels (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages for Business and text messaging).

Rolling out third-party channels to become a customer relations leader in the hotel industry

Mobile traffic represents more than half of Best Western France’s site traffic, which is why the integration of an omnichannel messaging button is far from trivial. The brand has utilized WhatsApp, in particular – one of the most popular messaging apps, and recently Apple Messages for Business. This channel allows customers to contact Best Western via iMessage. Since their launch in August 2021, third-party channels have accounted for more than 50% of conversations.

Business Impact: Apple Messages for Business fits the profile of professionals who are Best Western France customers. On average, Apple users are spending 3 times more at checkout than Android users.
What we’ve noticed is that one channel doesn’t overtake another, because they all serve different purposes. You’re either a fan of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, etc… In fact, it’s pretty instinctive. When a customer sees the logos, they go with the one they’re most comfortable with.
Virginie Barboux
General Manager, Communication, Digital & Customer Experience - Best Western France


Unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction and CVR increase

Best Western France’s “test and learn” approach and support from the experts at iAdvize has allowed the brand to achieve its customer relations goals and even boost conversion.
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When we implemented the iAdvize chat in 2018, customer experience was our core objective. The pleasant surprise was seeing how well we managed to measure the ROI on these digitized customer relations.
Virginie Barboux
General Manager, Communication, Digital & Customer Experience - Best Western France