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Your on-demand pool of experts

Savvy enthusiasts paid to enhance customer experience and boost online sales

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ibbü, your on-demand pool of experts

Sports enthusiasts, travellers, wine connoisseurs, fashionistas, etc. No matter what their passion is, ibbü gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge. Brands benefit from this expertise by connecting these savvy enthusiasts with online shoppers and receive financial compensation for sharing their tips in real-time.

Create your campaigns, select the right experts for the job

You decide when the campaign starts, how much you want to invest in it and then select the best experts for the campaign.


Integrate engagement buttons on your website

You can deploy iAdvize on your website thanks to a tag. After that, you can then configure the solution settings and detect the best contact opportunities.


Monitor your statistics

Monitor the performance of your campaigns. Sales, conversion, satisfaction … Measure the impact each expert has on online sales and customer satisfaction.


Thanks to ibbü, the on-demand pool of experts, TUI provides its customers with authentic advice

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