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Passionate and authentic experts

ibbü is an on-demand community of experts, curated specifically for your brand by iAdvize. These experts are true enthusiasts.

They are the organic champions of your products. With a strong instinct for customer relations, they bring an extra touch of personalization to your customer conversations.

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average CSAT scored
by ibbü experts in 2020

+8 points
compared to a classic customer service

On-demand experts, available 24/7

On-demand experts, available 24/7

In the evening, on weekends, during traffic peaks... brands miss 70% of contact opportunities with their customers if they’re only available during the typical 9 to 5

Give visitors an authentic and relevant online shopping experience 24/7 with ibbu experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Seize every sales opportunity:

Pay per conversation or sale

Pay per conversation or sale

Experts are paid according to different plans depending on your objectives: either per conversation or per transaction after a conversation.

Whichever plan you choose, the experts are incentivized to offer the best quality of service.

post-conversation AOV*

repurchase rate*

* Compared to professional customer advisors, 2020
A flexible and scalable solution

A flexible and scalable solution

Ibbü is the answer to around the clock, on-demand customer service. With iAdvize, launching a mission and selecting the right experts is just a click away.

95% of the set-up and running of your community is handled by our teams. Manage your traffic peaks by upping your response capacity when you need it.

Experts active in
10 countries

pre-selected experts available for all types of industries

Top 5%
of experts selected for each mission

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