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Consumer Electronics Retailer Boosts CSAT 28 Points With AI Chatbot

Consumer Electronics Retailer Boosts CSAT 28 Points With AI Chatbot
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Vanden Borre is a leading Belgian retailer in the Fnac-Darty group for consumer electronics and household appliances. Since 2021, iAdvize has been helping the brand enhance their e-commerce conversational strategy. To take their user experience up a notch, they decided to integrate iAdvize's multilingual generative AI across all 15,000 of their product pages, offering 24/7 assistance to visitors throughout their online buying journey. 



Offer High-Quality Shopping Assistance to E-Commerce Site Visitors 24/7

For Vanden Borre, every sale is a contract of trust with the customer—people are at the heart of their mission. More specifically, the brand prioritizes improving the daily lives of their teams and enriching the customer experience. With the introduction of iAdvize's Trusted Generative AI for E-commerce, the brand immediately recognized the vast potential of this technological innovation to meet its business goals.

Automate the handling of technical product questions with ultra-detailed answers in natural language, while prioritizing human support for more complex inquiries.
Incorporate this new technology into their existing automation strategy to determine business impact on CSAT and ROI compared to their previous-generation NLU chatbot.
Provide accurate, reliable responses across multiple languages to cater to their French and Dutch customers.
Our goal throughout this trial was—within a strict framework of protecting our data and that of our customers—to assess how generative AI could provide more qualitative responses in multiple languages than our current NLU solution, while keeping our advisors at the heart of the system.
Cyrille Regardin
Cyrille Regardin
Director of Aftersales & Contact Center at Vanden Borre


Provide Seamless Assistance to Consumers in Their Preferred Language With a Generative AI Chatbot

Vanden Borre chose to integrate our iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers, a chatbot powered by generative AI technology that autonomously understands and responds to site visitors in any natural language. Complementing the brand's existing connected bot that offers a store locator and order tracking information, iAdvize Copilot™ sees excellent pre-sales performance. It helps scale guidance for consumers throughout their e-commerce customer journey with unprecedented accuracy and response quality, maximizing conversion potential while freeing up human respondents to handle more complex requests.
  1. 1
    🔰 Ensured Data Security
    A top priority for the brand is safeguarding the confidentiality of consumer data. We began by establishing essential security protocols; Linking the AI to Vanden Borre's product listings and guaranteeing dependable technology devoid of errors. We also defined scenarios where the AI should either pass the conversation to a human or refrain from responding, in accordance with the brand's internal guidelines.
  2. 2
    🧪 An Experimental Phase
    Before deploying the AI chatbot across all product pages, Vanden Borre tested it with their catalog of major household appliances—items that frequently prompt technical questions. The pilot yielded the anticipated results, leading to a gradual expansion of the chatbot's use. The generative AI is natively multilingual. Once equipped with Vanden Borre's data, it functions autonomously, translating information seamlessly without any need for the brand or the user to make adjustments.
  3. 3
    👩🏽‍💻 Committed Human Support
    The human touch is a key component in the success of the generative AI. With in-depth product details and the persistent dedication of the Vanden Borre teams, the bot was able to achieve significant advancements in a remarkably short time and without any formal training. Within just a month of testing, iAdvize teams were able to pinpoint both strengths and areas in need of refinement, ensuring all visitors consistently receive thorough and accurate responses to their questions.


An AI Customer Solution That Boosts Satisfaction and Reduces Volume to Frontline Agents

Results proved that iAdvize’s generative AI-powered chatbot greatly outperformed Vanden Borre’s previous NLU bot. This revelation enabled the brand to combine both AIs into a comprehensive pre-sales support strategy. Their existing NLU chatbot guides visitors for common requests, like store location and order tracking, while iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers answers all other questions and transfers to a human respondent to assist with more complex inquiries.
Customer Satisfaction
CSAT score
points vs. previous-generation AI bots (NLU)
Automation Rate
of conversations fully automated by our Copilot™ for Shoppers
Conversion Rate
CVR vs. previous-generation AI bots (NLU)
After a few months, we’re pleased to confirm that this pre-sales solution offers real added value to our customers and integrates smoothly into our customer journey. We’ve observed significant differences in interactions between our Dutch-speaking and French-speaking clients and the AI, which is particularly interesting for better understanding their specific support needs. Thanks to a high-quality and controlled experience, we can now move on to considering the next stages of deployment with iAdvize.
Cyrille Regardin
Cyrille Regardin
Director of Aftersales & Contact Center at Vanden Borre