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Samsung US leverages their conversational strategy to increase online sales

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Samsung adopted the iAdvize conversational platform as part of their 2019 digital strategy in the US to assist online customers with purchases.






Cover 100% of customer inquiries in response to soaring e-commerce traffic and seize all opportunities

Consumer electronics is a highly competitive market, and the ability to answer customer technical questions is crucial to drive purchases.

When COVID hit in early 2020, most of Samsung’s retail operations were shut down in the US, making e-commerce an essential platform: experiencing +200 to 300% increases in peak traffic during the most intense phases.

For Samsung Electronics America, the main challenges were HOW to:

Strengthen the online sales force with in-store associates who could help customers make purchase decisions on key product verticals such as phones,TVs, and home appliances
Never miss a conversation opportunity with online customers.
We wanted the retail store associates to adapt from the face to face conversation they are used to, to an online tool
Ed Billmaier-1
Ed Billmaier
Director of e-CommerceCustomer Service, SamsungElectronics America


Launch of the ePromoter program , an agile and powerful conversational strategy

Samsung deployed an effective conversational strategy, dubbed the ePromoter program, which integrated iAdvize messaging solutions into their existing ecosystem of technologies, to reach a 100% coverage rate of all customer interactions.

Samsung's retail agents during business hours (up to 400 store associates at the onset of the COVID crisis).


Independent experts sourced and trained by iAdvizeto educate and inspire Samsung’s customers by proactive chat, early in the customer funnel


An outsourced team of agents filling in gaps in the 24/7 response coverage 



A first-class customer experience that drives sales

Convinced that adaptation to the ever-evolving needs of the customer is key, Samsung US is using the conversational platform’s reporting functionalities to identify gaps in the customer experience to:

Ensure all customers get their questions answered by the right respondent where and when they need it
Collect and analyze conversational insights (VoC), to improve their knowledge base and the overall customer's journey
As we learned more about the tool and how to leverage it, how to train people and get more effective at it, we’ve clearly seen our conversion rate and our net promoter score going up
Ed Billmaier-2
Ed Billmaier
Director of e-Commerce Customer Service, Samsung Electronics America