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Fashion Brand IKKS Reaches 80% E-Commerce Automation With Generative AI

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IKKS, a prominent name in French fashion, embraced messaging in 2017 to enhance customer support on its website, offering personalized advice and recommendations akin to the in-store shopping experience. By September 2023, due to the increasing volume of site visitor interactions and the need to manage costs more effectively, the brand sought to find an innovative solution for automating its messaging strategy. That’s when IKKS turned to Trusted Generative AI copilots, confident in the technology’s ability to deliver quality e-commerce customer experiences that surpass those provided by older generation chatbots (NLU).



Provide Quality Responses 24/7 to Every Pre- & Post-Sale Customer Request

IKKS’ goal is to provide a tailored and relevant response to each customer on their website, as quickly as possible. The brands’ customer support relied on two types of human respondents—customer service agents and ibbü experts, independent brand advocates available on-demand—to answer questions and offer product recommendations. This set up brought two main challenges for the IKKS brand to solve. The first being that the website sees a high volume of frequently asked questions, a majority of which are about recurring topics like offers, delivery, and return information, and these requests are handled solely by their human support. Furthermore, the brand also found it difficult to provide responses around the clock. 

Ensure all site visitors receive helpful and tailored support
Provide responses to frequently asked questions 24/7
Accomplish this without incurring additional costs
All conversations on were only initiated either with our customer advisors or with ibbü experts we work with, with all the constraints you can imagine in terms of availability.
Aurélie Labatut-Leroux
Aurélie Labatut-Leroux
E-commerce & Omnichannel Director


A Seamless Online Shopping Experience With iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers

After pinpointing the brand's main concerns, the IKKS and iAdvize teams determined the role that the iAdvize Trusted Generative AI bot would play in their e-commerce strategy. With Gartner's research indicating that only 13% of customers find solutions through FAQ content, IKKS decided to deploy the bot to handle common and recurring questions autonomously. This approach aimed to prevent visitors from diverting their attention away from their product pages of interest, since iAdvize Copilot™ actively interacts with online shoppers and provides them with instant, detailed responses. The bot was implemented in several phases:
  1. 1
    🔌 Connecting the AI Bot to IKKS Data
    The bot is easy to deploy thanks to the connectivity of iAdvize's Trusted Generative AI. IKKS simply fed it a file with their FAQs, answers from conversations between site visitors and agents, and their general terms of sale. After that, the bot had comprehensive knowledge of the brand's information, without deviating from this data framework. If it doesn't know the answer to a customer request, it immediately transfers the visitor to a human agent or product expert. This automatic escalation system ensures the reliability of the responses received by the visitor.
  2. 2
    🚔 Setting Control Rules
    IKKS defined rules for controlling the AI, making it fully reliable. Some of these rules included how to handle insults and comparisons to competitors, and choosing the bot's tone of voice. Furthermore, iAdvize Copilot™ complies with all data regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, and ISO 27001, ensuring the security of brand and customer data.
  3. 3
    ⚗️ Pre-Launch Testing
    The brand took several days to test the generative AI's capabilities. The teams paid close attention to the content of the responses, corrected some potential minor inconsistencies in IKKS information, and improved the quality of the natural language as needed.
  4. 4
    🚀 Continuous Optimization
    Once the Copilot was ready, IKKS activated it on their mobile and desktop websites. The bot is constantly optimized by adding to the FAQ data and by updating the rules given to the bot, such as asking it to write more concise responses. This easy maintenance process is thanks to the suite of automated analytical tools built into the iAdvize platform.


IKKS Scales Its Digital Conversational Strategy

iAdvize Copilot™ allows IKKS to meet all their goals, while maintaining budget through strategic automation. It drastically increases the volume of conversations being handled by agents, thereby successfully producing quick responses to all site visitors 24/7 and freeing up customer service to manage more complex customer requests.
full or partial automation of conversations
of site visitors assisted on
CVR for fully automated conversations
For us, it’s a technology that optimizes the customer experience on our site while ensuring cost control, regardless of the volume of conversations handled. Considering that the conversion rate of a visitor who engages in a conversation is higher than that of a visitor who doesn’t interact with the bot, it ultimately leads to more conversions and revenue on our site.
Aurélie Labatut-Leroux
Aurélie Labatut-Leroux
E-commerce & Omnichannel Director

Looking Ahead: Expanding Their Generative AI Strategy

  • 🌍 Deployment of Trusted Generative AI on the brand's other websites such as I.Code, and internationally.


  • 🔭 Expansion of the generative AI's scope in assisting with product discovery.


  • 💪 Providing an 'augmented collaborator' for customer service agents with iAdvize Copilot™ for Agents, our AI assistant that helps agents with tasks like translation and writing product descriptions.
When you know that 50%* of people abandon an online purchase because they can’t find information about a product, you realize the importance of providing a quick response regardless of the time of day, the moment in the day, or the number of people seeking information.
Aurélie Labatut-Leroux
Aurélie Labatut-Leroux
E-commerce & Omnichannel Director