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woman who has a conversation with chatbot
I’m looking for a big screen with OLED technology because I want great contrast 🙂
Great choice, OLED TVs have the best contrast! I recommend the TV XR12B with a 1000:1 contrast ratio. It’s the best in its category.
pictured answer from IA
TV XR12B - OLED - 2160p Smart - 4K

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Samsung Brand=Livie&Lucas, Color=White (1)-1 PayneGlasses Tent&Table OtterBox Caudalie Raintree Nursery Sideshow ikks Decathlon Brother Hertz Best Western

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10x conversion rate

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Provide automated conversations that are high-quality and profitable

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Provide instant answers any time, day or night

Deploy A Generative AI iAdvize Copilot™ for

Boost Online Sales With A Reliable iAdvize Copilot™.

Provide your customers instant, accurate pre-sales assistance any time with self-training AI chatbots for e-commerce that answer product questions autonomously.

  • Boost online conversion 24/7 with chatbots powered by the latest generative AI models & trained to provide expert product advice

  • Provide seamless escalation that keeps people in the loop

Meet iAdvize Copilot™ for Agents: Generative AI & Human Support.

Create personalized experiences with AI for e-commerce by combining human expertise with the power of generative AI to increase agent productivity and elevate your user experience.

iAdvize Copilot™ Mode.

Turn agents into superhumans through automated customer support with AI for e-commerce. Answer product questions, provide order status information, and more.

Smart Composition.

Make agents faster by allowing generative AI to summarize, rephrase, or adjust the tone of their responses.

Human Feedback Loop.

Continuously improve your AI virtual assistants for enhanced customer experience with iAdvize's built-in human feedback loop that enables agents to train the AI in real time.

Trusted Generative AI is Key to
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For reliable, trusted answers 24/7

  • Your data
  • Your teams
  • Your touchpoints


Strict data privacy protection

  • Your business rules
  • Regional regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)
  • ISO-27001


Become 10x more agile & efficient

  • Monitor revenue impact in real time
  • Supervise conversation quality
  • Ensure brand alignment
  • Set your tone of voice and safeguards

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