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real-time online customer service

Add a human touch to your online customer service

Take a look at our customer success stories
  • Increase sales
    conversion rate
  • Reduce costs
    cost per contact
  • Build customer loyalty

    customer satisfaction
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    of visitors who receive support
    become customers
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    contact costs with live chat
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    of customers who receive support
    are satisfied
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Creating value is about connecting
with the right person, in the right place, at the right time

  • Target your visitors

    depending on their journey, profile, value and situation

  • Offer your help

    reactive or proactive, by chat, call or video

  • Guide the visitor

    towards an available agent with the right skills

Our experts are available on a daily basis to give you
support and advice

So that you get the most out of the iAdvize solution, take advantage of our team's expertise and experience.
Our main goal is to make sure your objectives in terms of creating value are achieved!

Find out about our professional services
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Monitor your performance

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Naturally, we can cater for your individual needs.

Small business

from £/month

The solution for small businesses
  • 3 pageviews/month
  • 3 1 agent access
  • 3 1 website
  • 3 Support within 48 hours by email
  • 3 Click To Chat only

Customised quote

The offer includes the iAdvize solution and the guarantees it implies, but above all,
the support and advice of an expert to achieve your objectives.
  • 3 Tailored number of pageviews
  • 3 Tailored number of agents
  • 3 Tailored number of websites
  • 3 High priority support (SLA)
  • 3 Chat, call, visio
  • 3 Targeting
  • 3 Reporting
  • 3 Dedicated support contact
  • 3 Customised support
  • 3 Availability guarantee 99,5% (option)

Take a look at our resources and customer success stories

Would you like to hear what our clients have to say?

Take a look at our case studies
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  • Amaguiz: conversion rate multiplied by 3 and a 93% customer satisfaction rating.

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  • Florajet: how can we give our visitors support and increase sales?

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  • 25% of visitors who chat are transformed into customers.

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  • Leturf: how can we build the trust of our online customers?

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