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Leading Specialty Manufacturer Increases E-Commerce Conversion 8x With Generative AI Chatbots

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Since 2019, iAdvize has partnered with Sideshow, the leading global specialty manufacturer, to enhance their digital conversational strategy using AI customer solutions. This initially manifested in improving their e-commerce site’s response quality through the addition of independent, on-demand brand advocates that specialize in answering questions about Sideshow’s extensive pop-culture collectible catalog. Now, they’re elevating their customer experience even further by deploying our Trusted Generative AI solution, iAdvize Copilot™, on all their product pages. 



Exceed Pop-Culture Enthusiasts’ Expectations By Scaling Quality Product Advice & Recommendations

Because a significant portion of Sideshow’s customer base consists of pop-culture enthusiasts and experts, it presented a unique challenge for the brand. These individuals often have specialized knowledge and nuanced questions about the products they’re interested in, making it difficult for previous-generation AI bots (NLU) to deliver responses that are accurate enough to meet their complex expectations. These chatbots also require a lot of time and work to train and learn intentions.

Increase the amount of site visitor conversations fully automated by generative AI
Achieve a conversion rate and satisfaction score equivalent to Sideshow’s on-demand brand advocates
Boost e-commerce ROI by providing seamless pre- and post-sales customer support
Engagement and authenticity are expected from our customers. iAdvize Trusted Generative AI helped us provide both to scale.
Chris Pirrotta_avatar
Chris Pirrotta
VP, Marketing at Sideshow


Integrate Trusted Generative AI For E-Commerce Into Product Pages

To solve this problem, Sideshow turned to iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers, a first-of-its-kind Trusted Generative AI solution built specifically for the e-commerce customer experience. Over a span of two months, Sideshow worked with iAdvize to integrate Trusted Generative AI-powered assistants on all their e-commerce product pages. The goal has been to scale their ability to consistently provide detailed, reliable, and accurate product information to website visitors throughout their online shopping journey. How does this technology differ from previous-generation AIs?
  1. 1
    🔰 Enhanced Protection of Customer Data
    Another crucial aspect of generative AI safety is the protection and confidentiality of data. Designed to answer product-related questions, the generative AI never processes customer data and queries are fully encrypted. Moreover, it adheres to a strict compliance framework, including all data privacy laws like the CCPA, GDPR, and ISO 27001.
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    💬 Effortless Setup & Response Reliability
    The brand fed the bot only their product catalog information, so the AI would use this specific data when crafting responses to customer questions. iAdvize’s generative AI never pulls from public data it finds on the internet, like consumer-grade generative AIs do, which also drastically reduces the risk of hallucinations common among AIs like ChatGPT or Bard. This means that Sideshow has complete control over the responses they’re providing their website visitors using existing brand data and information. With generative AI, no more tedious chatbot training is necessary!
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    📲 Seamless Connection to Brand’s Ecosystem
    Sideshow personalized their Copilot™ for Shoppers by matching its response tone to their brand voice. They also included safeguards and rules that ensure the bot immediately escalates a request to a human respondent (one of their on-demand brand advocates) whenever it isn’t able to produce an accurate response.


An Autonomous AI Chatbot That Boosts E-Commerce Conversion & Customer Satisfaction

Following their generative AI launch, Sideshow has successfully augmented their responses to customers on a wide range of niche pop-culture topics, and they’ve seen impressive results.
CSAT on conversations fully automated by iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers
conversion rate for conversations answered by iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers
positive feedback on answers provided by iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers
At Sideshow, we see iAdvize’s AI enhancements as a game-changing tool for the modern consumer. It's crucial to use new and innovative technology in a way that aligns with our brand voice, meets our customers' expectations, and—possibly most importantly—supports our staff's needs, paving the way for a new era of engaging customer interactions.
Chris Pirrotta_avatar
Chris Pirrotta
VP, Marketing at Sideshow