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Compliance and security of the iAdvize infrastructure

iAdvize uses an infrastructure which is compliant with the ISO27001, ISO9001, SOC and PCI-DSS 3.2 Level 1 international certifications and certificates.

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A secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure

99.9% availability

Your customers expect complete availability from you. And you can count on us: iAdvize guarantees a 99.9% SLA and our technical team is available 24/7 to manage security alerts and oversee production launches.

Secure Data Storage

Your data is very important to us: each iAdvize database is replicated in three different data centres and our daily backups are stored in a fourth data centre.

Data encryption

Each data bit stored by iAdvize is encrypted according to the most demanding standards (AES-256). We also use the TLS 1.0+ encryption with RSA keys of 2,048 bits for all data in transit (connexion marked as "A" by Qualys - SSL Labs).

Security of the iAdvize application

Dynamic Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability tests are automatically run on a weekly basis. These tests aim to detect the TOP 10 OWASP of application security vulnerabilities.

Intrusion testing

Detailed penetration tests are conducted once a year by independent security experts on all the iAdvize products and infrastructure.

Incident prevention

Each production server is equipped with an antivirus program which signature databases are updated on a daily basis. Security alerts on CVEs are tracked via XMCO CERT. Patches are deployed within the day for critical alerts and within a week in other cases.

Better coding practices

Each day, new versions are deployed on the iAdvize platform. We are constantly delivering secure upgrades. Each version incorporates the most limited scope possible in order to mitigate risks.
We implement progressive upgrade deployments in order for each new version of the application to be tested before online visitors are introduced to it. In case of a problem with the newly deployed version, the automated verification system will cancel it, preventing visitors from seeing it.

Product features

Automatic detection of sensitive data

Sensitive data is sometimes involuntarily shared within a conversation. On the Chat channel, a feature allows you to automatically delete sensitive data from your customers' messages, such as credit card numbers, before they send them. This data is detected and replaced before being sent so that no information is transmitted to the iAdvize service nor stored in any way. This way, we help you protect your customers' confidential information.

Restrict chosen IP addresses

You can reduce the risk of unsolicited access to your company's data by restricting access to the iAdvize application to certain users, according to an IP address or a range of IP addresses.

Single sign-on

iAdvize offers you a unique method of single sign-on. It enables you to provide your agents already logged in your internal system with a unique authentication process. This way, you can reduce risk and simplify how your teams connect.

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