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10x online conversions with generative
AI-driven customer engagement solutions

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increase in
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Deploy Generative AI iAdvize Copilots for

Boost Online Sales With Reliable AI Copilots

Provide your customers instant, accurate pre-sales assistance any time with self-training AI chatbots for
e-commerce that answer product questions autonomously.

  • Boost online conversion 24/7 with chatbots powered by the latest generative AI models & trained to provide expert advice for your products
  • Provide seamless escalation that keeps people in the loop

Meet Agent Copilot:  Generative AI & Human Support

Create personalized experiences with AI for e-commerce by combining human expertise with the power of generative AI to increase agent productivity and elevate your user experience. 

AI Copilot Mode

Turn agents into superhumans via automated customer support with AI for e-commerce. Answer product questions, provide order status information, and more.

Smart Composition

Empower agents to use generative AI to summarize, rephrase, or adjust the tone of responses.

Human Feedback Loop

Continuously improve your AI with iAdvize's built-in human feedback loop which enables agents to train the AI in real time.

Generative AI Tailored
to Your Business

iAdvize introduces the power of generative AI to the enterprise world with advanced AI solutions for e-commerce growth specific to your brand, voice, and rules.

  • Provide answers based on your company-specific data (product catalogs, API, website, etc.)
  • Build safeguards and tone & security rules to avoid incorrect and off-brand responses

Manage & Optimize Revenue Growth

Maintain full control over your generative AI's behavior and business impact. With real-time customer insights using AI in e-commerce, you can quickly optimize underperforming areas.

  • Get an overview of unanswered questions and ways to improve your generative AI
  • Leverage the efficient, built-in human feedback loop to provide full transparency on consumer and agent inputs

Take your conversational experience
to the next level.

"We're tailoring conversational generative AI to e-commerce business needs, enabling brands to deliver untapped conversational experiences at hyper-scale leading to massive growth in revenue and productivity."

Julien Hervouët
iAdvize CEO