Great place to work

iAdvize Great Place To Work

In 2016, we were recognised by the Great Place to Work certification in their ranking of French companies with less than 500 employees and we’re proud of this.

But we also know that being a great place to work is not an acquired status, it’s something we continuously aspire to and work towards. This is why the common values we defined together are call to actions, not static statements.

They call upon us to question the way things are done, seek progress, imagine, deliver, delight and celebrate. This is what joining the conversation is all about.

Each value is embodied in tangible practices. Please explore!

Hacking the established is the capacity to think outside the box, question the way things are, strive to improve, see things differently, develop your critical mind!
Marion - Data Scientist

Over the years, to adapt to the growing team, we’ve implemented several changes in the organisation of the R&D team: deployment of the agile working method, creation of two teams (green and blue), choice of team leads and finally the Swarm teams. A lot of effort is put into finding the most relevant and efficient organisation. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, we look for another solution!

The capacity to be creative, surprise your colleagues, impress your prospects, your clients, put on a performance, achieve that WOW effect, make the magic happen
Tim - Creative Director

For the end of year festivities, we were looking for a good greetings video idea. We wanted to highlight the international side of the company with a fun concept. A group of us got together and brainstormed to help the creative team. We had fun and the result was great. We even found out that the video had been picked up on by the Language department of an American university.

The capacity to deliver the essential, face every challenge even when there’s little time, identify what’s fundamental, ship it, systematize, prioritize, be agile.
Yves - Web Developer

For ibbü, we decided to take on less but do things better. There are some features that we did not develop but we managed to ship a solution quickly and that will work on the long term. From a technical perspective, we automated the testing procedures. After a few failures, we’ve learned the importance of systematising. This is now anchored in the approach of the tech team and clearly, it improves quality.

The capacity to exceed expectations, build trusting relationships, really listen, be available and eager to please your clients and your colleagues
Mylène - Product Design Manager

With the revamp of the interface, we were able to base our work on dozens of user testing sessions so we could get approval from our clients as we made progress. This is great for both parties! It enables us to be much more agile and improve the product and it puts the customer at the centre.

The capacity to be a real team player, be generous and positive, support the initiatives of others, be enthusiastic, authentic, curious and always up for it!
Angèle - HR Coordinator

We set up a ‘patronage’ programme. It’s all about sharing your experience with newbies, motivating each other, supporting other people, by connecting people who have something in common (language, market, role...) to make their arrival within the company as smooth as possible.