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Generative AI Automates 75% of Wesco’s Customer Journey in 3 Weeks

Generative AI Automates 75% of Wesco’s Customer Journey in 3 Weeks
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Since its founding in 1975, Wesco has been a staple B2B brand for schools and daycares. In 2012, responding to a constantly changing market, the business broadened its reach by venturing into the B2C online space. To cater to the demands of its new customer base, Wesco first introduced messaging, then moved to automation with a natural language understanding (NLU) chatbot. Despite initial success, these approaches did not achieve the scalability Wesco needed to sustain its rapid growth in this new market. Faced with this challenge, Wesco discovered that generative AI provided the perfect solution for delivering high-quality customer support at scale.



Meeting the Expectations of a New Customer Base

Exploring a new market segment presents both opportunities and challenges for any brand, particularly in customer service. Wesco faced challenges from shifting consumer expectations when they expanded their e-commerce platform to individual consumers. By integrating messaging as a communication channel, the brand made an essential move towards meeting modern communication preferences of consumers.

However, the availability of their agents was still limited to traditional business hours, and the management and improvement of their NLU chatbot required considerable time and effort from their teams. Furthermore, even with these extra efforts, the NLU chatbot still failed to sufficiently handle the diverse, complex customer requests they received.

Enhanced responsiveness
Offer instant responses to customer inquiries around the clock.
Customer service quality
Deliver a personalized user experience beyond the basic information found on product pages.
Revenue growth
Drive sales by capturing every conversion opportunity through meaningful conversations.
With an increasing number of customers, we needed quicker and smoother responses, and better around-the-clock responsiveness.
Géraldine Poupin
Géraldine Poupin
Web Quality Officer at Wesco


Deploying A Generative AI-Powered Virtual Assistant & Wesco Product Experts 

Wesco transformed its e-commerce customer experience by adopting our generative AI-powered iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers. This solution guides all website visitors throughout their buying journeys, and effectively handles product questions 24/7. Fueled by product page information, the Copilot responds with personalized advice and recommendations based on context clues from each customer. Wesco integrated this virtual assistant onto their website in three easy steps:
  1. 1
    Functional Scope
    Their teams defined the scope of the product pages to be included and the tone the AI chatbot would adopt. Then, they fed the AI a CSV file of their product catalog to allow it to train itself on this information.
  2. 2
    For a few days, they rigorously tested the Copilot on the website, closely monitoring its customer satisfaction and conversion performance.
  3. 3
    Once the Wesco teams were satisfied with the quality of the Copilot’s responses, they launched it on their website. Less than one month after going live, the generative AI was producing positive results.


Automation Transforms Wesco’s Online Shopping Experience

iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers delivers quick and relevant responses that consistently exceed Wesco's expectations. The business outcomes are impressive, with an increase in conversion, a significant reduction in the burden on customer service agents, and 24/7 availability. This solution has led to customer satisfaction doubling after a conversation with the Copilot, which is a stark improvement from their previous NLU chatbot.
of conversations automated by generative AI
conversion rate with iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers
The AI works immediately on its own, and there’s no need for training. In our experience, if you give it the right data, it works very quickly. We’re very satisfied—the results are great, and this is just the beginning.
Géraldine Poupin
Géraldine Poupin
Web Quality Officer at Wesco