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OtterBox Strengthens Its D2C Strategy by Elevating Its Digital Customer Experience

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Built on a dream, created out of a garage like many startups, OtterBox was founded in 1998 by serial entrepreneur Curt Richardson. It soon became one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US.* OtterBox is today the No. 1-selling smartphone case in the U.S, offering a wide variety of protective options for devices (cases, screen protectors, etc.) as well as outdoor products, such as coolers and rugged drinkware. Based in Fort Collins, CO, the company is deeply committed to innovation and to listening to its customers.



Strengthen Its D2C Strategy and Accelerate Go-to-Market Innovation

OtterBox customers are outdoor adventurers who take their gear’s durability and reliability very seriously. They look for premium products and expect expert advice. To acquire and retain customers, OtterBox focuses its digital customer experience on two key objectives:

Engage and educate visitors about its latest innovations, to generate D2C (direct -to-consumer) sales and upsells.
Build direct customer relationships, and collect valuable feedback to stay ahead of competition.
The question we are constantly asking ourselves is: how can we support the consumers more? We place a big emphasis on being easily reachable. We’ve always wanted to keep a direct relationship with our customers.
Patrick Waller
Patrick Waller
Director of eCommerce at OtterBox


Deployment of A Conversational Strategy To Assist Visitors 24/7

OtterBox has implemented a highly effective conversational strategy to assist visitors along their online shopping journey, with a focus on the top and middle of the customer funnel. This strategy is based on:
  1. 1
    A conversational platform to qualify, notify and engage visitors
    The platform’s targeting engine analyses visitor activity on product pages in real-time and detects buyers who need assistance: a chat window appears to offer guidance and avoid cart abandonment.
  2. 2
    A tech-savvy online expert community
    The community is deployed on the OtterBox's website to offer peer-to-peer shopping advice, and raise prospects’ awareness about OtterBox’s newest products.
  3. 3
    A chatbot to automate part of the conversations
    The bot can take care of simple questions or transfer specific queries to “human” experts, optimizing customer response time.


Authentic, Expert Online Advice That Converts and Delights Customers

post-chat CVR
post-chat AOV vs without chat
CSAT Score
More and more customers are engaged and assisted thanks to iAdvize.
Patrick Waller
Patrick Waller
Director of eCommerce at OtterBox

Listening to The Customer’s Voice to Drive Innovation

Live chat offers OtterBox the opportunity to track and analyze conversational insights. The thousands of interactions happening through the conversational platform are collected and analyzed in real-time, to extract actionable insights that help the brand improve its products and services.
It has been amazing! We love getting feedback from our customers. It’s been great to turn the conversational data into input on how to improve our customer support and products, and share all this valuable information with our engineers.
Patrick Waller
Patrick Waller
Director of eCommerce, OtterBox