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Furniture Retailer Increases Revenue and Transforms Its Customer Experience With Generative AI

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mömax is a leading European furniture retailer that carries a wide range of furniture, home decor, and household items. Thanks to iAdvize’s conversational commerce platform, mömax is able to answer both product inquiries and solve customer service requests in real time via messaging. To increase response coverage, the brand deployed iAdvize CopilotTM for Shoppers for product and FAQ-related questions. 



Navigating Product Diversity, Post-Sale Service, and Customer Expectations

mömax has a wide range of available products—from living room sets and kitchen appliances, to matching cabinets and curtains—which can make shopping online difficult amid high customer experience standards.  

In 2021, the brand began testing the implementation of a natural language understanding (NLU) chatbot to handle customer inquiries. Unlike other industries where customer questions are often similar and straightforward, mömax faced a wide array of complex questions across different topics. The substantial time and resources needed to train the chatbot effectively didn’t yield a satisfactory return on investment. As a result, they discontinued the project.

The brand had to find a self-training solution that could provide accurate, personalized online shopping assistance that would drive shoppers to purchase. 

Guide customers across mömax’s complex product catalog with accurate, detailed product information.
Answer FAQs to streamline low-impact interactions and free up agents.
Handle more conversations without compromising response quality to maintain high customer satisfaction.
With iAdvize, we found a solution that can provide both pre-sale consultations through chat, similar to in-store interactions, and handle the entire after-sales process.
Mario Neuhold
Mario Neuhold
Head of Customer Service Online at mömax Germany and Austria


Seizing Every Conversion Opportunity With Generative
AI-Powered Shopping Assistants

mömax found their solution in generative AI. In 2023, the brand was one of the first e-commerce brands to implement a new generation generative AI chatbot that enabled them to respond to every inquiry 24/7 with answers that cover the entire spectrum of their FAQ and product details. This helped ease the workload on employees, enabling them to tackle more difficult inquiries.

Compared to older-generation chatbots, iAdvize CopilotTM was easier to deploy, and didn’t require training. The brand simply fed the chatbot their FAQs and product catalog to ensure the accuracy of its answers, while allowing it to self-train on that data. 

By monitoring the conversations handled by the copilot, the teams were able to spot inaccuracies and enhance its performance. Continually improving the data fed to the chatbot not only made it more effective, but it also ensured a high standard of customer experience around the clock.

With the use of generative AI, individual questions can now be answered with a sufficiently high-quality response.
Mario Neuhold
Mario Neuhold
Head of Customer Service Online at mömax Germany and Austria


From Skeptic to Fan: AI Chatbots Improved E-commerce UX and Sales Volume

mömax’s perspective on chatbots has changed now that generative AI has proven itself to be a game-changer for the company when it comes to increasing conversions and enhancing customer engagement.
automation rate
conversion rate after interacting
with iAdvize Copilot™
The AI doesn’t replace agents, but enables us to handle additional conversations we couldn’t previously. Thanks to this additional coverage, customers have made purchases following conversations with the Copilot, opportunities we would have missed without the AI. The ROI is significantly higher.
Mario Neuhold
Mario Neuhold
Head of Customer Service Online at mömax Germany and Austria