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Sports & Outdoors Brand, INTERSPORT, Increases Website Conversion 7x With iAdvize CopilotTM

Sports & Outdoors Brand, INTERSPORT, Increases Website Conversion 7x With iAdvize Copilot
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As the leading distributor of sporting goods, INTERSPORT has embarked on an innovation initiative aimed at improving its digital customer experience. Already equipped with omnichannel messaging, INTERSPORT is now leveraging iAdvize's Trusted Generative AI for E-commerce chatbot solution to further improve its website user experience.



Bringing Value to Customer Interactions From the First Moment

Since 2017, the sports retailer has given its site visitors the chance to engage in conversation with brand advisors and ibbü experts. These people were chosen for their passion about the sports industry and ability to offer quality advice and recommendations on sports equipment.

With the introduction of advanced generative AI-powered chat and its potential to transform customer relations, INTERSPORT wanted to level-up their customer experience and take advantage of this new way to efficiently automate their interactions with customers. 

Be available to guide site visitors 24/7 throughout their entire buying journey
Innovate the customer experience with best-in-class automation
Support a larger volume of site visitors while optimizing costs
We wanted to have concrete applications of generative AI that provide fluidity in conversations, adding value to questions on the front end.
Philippe Muhr
Philippe Muhr
Digital & E-commerce Director at INTERSPORT


Generative AI Applications That Transform the User Experience for Customers & Experts

INTERSPORT adopts a complementary approach to generative AI, enhancing its conversational strategy with two Copilots. iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers supports website visitors throughout their online shopping journey, while iAdvize Copilot™ for Agents assists the brand’s ibbü experts in responding to customers, creating a more streamlined process for answering questions.

These Copilots were deployed quickly, as the generative AI came ready to go right from the start of the implementation process. This eliminated the need for prior training, a step that has traditionally been necessary for previous-generation chatbots. Part of the deployment process was also to have the INTERSPORT and iAdvize teams conduct thorough testing and establish key KPIs for evaluating performance.
Quality Responses 24/7 on All Product Catalog Items

Quality Responses 24/7 on all Product Catalog Items

Behind the iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers is a secure, compliant, and carefully managed AI linked to INTERSPORT's product data as it's exclusive content source. Feeding the AI extensive, controlled information enables visitors to receive relevant and accurate responses directly on the product page they're browsing.

Virtual Assistance That Enhances ibbu Experts' Performance

Virtual Assistance That Enhances ibbu Experts' Performance

The iAdvize Copilot™ for Agents boosts the performance of the INTERSPORT ibbü expert community. It acts as a virtual assistant by proactively suggesting responses tailored to conversational context, rewriting responses upon request, summarizing past interactions to give experts an overview, or even directly answering questions. 



INTERSPORT Sets New Standards for Customer Experience

After the addition of AI copilots, INTERSPORT quickly achieved impressive results. The question of whether generative AI could provide high-quality support is now confirmed for the brand. E-commerce chatbots working autonomously and as virtual assistants for customer service agents significantly reduce barriers to purchasing, increase conversion, and boost customer satisfaction.
boost in conversion after interacting with iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers
of conversations fully automated by iAdvize Copilot™
+8 points
in CSAT score from conversations with ibbü experts augmented by iAdvize Copilot™ for Agents
There’s no longer a difference between an advisor and AI in terms of conversion. We’re thrilled to have taken the plunge into this great adventure, which is only the beginning. If we had to do it over, we’d have done it even sooner!
Philippe Muhr
Philippe Muhr
Digital & E-commerce Director at INTERSPORT