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How Does IKKS Deliver an Instant, Personalized Advice Experience to Its Customers?


How Does IKKS Deliver an Instant, Personalized Advice Experience to Its Customers?

Each month, 3,000 visitors get instant and personalized tips from an independent and enthusiastic personal shopper on the IKKS website

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The customers of the brand who visit the IKKS website look at the items and need help or instantaneous tips by messaging before making a choice and order: tips about sizes, fitting cuts, materials, etc. but also tips about logistical information. IKKS used to offer tips in real-time to its customers on its website with its internal customer service team logged in to the iAdvize platform.

The Plan

By working hand in hand with freelance personal shoppers from the ibbü community, IKKS wanted to extend this premium experience throughout the year, 24/7 outside traditional customer service’s opening hours.

We wanted to reinforce our customer service while providing the same quality of tips and increasing our turnover“, explains Marie Voiton from the IKKS E-SHOP customer service.

How do we communicate with the experts? Each morning, I have a look at the Livefeed on the platform to see if they have questions. We keep them up to date as much as possible about our current offers, discounts or technical elements in order to unify our speech.

Hélène Godineau, Customer Service IKKS E-SHOP

The Results

ibbü pre-selected profiles of fashion enthusiasts for their expertise and interpersonal skills. IKKS had specified two vital criteria: the quality of their speech and fashion sensibility. 6 experts have been validated. They get paid for each tip they give.

3,000 tips are shared by ibbü personal shoppers each month, in addition to the ones given by the brand’s customer service team. These 6 experts allow IKKS to offer a personalized experience in real-time on its website 20 hours a day and 96% of customers say they are satisfied after a conversation. During the last private sales period, IKKS multiplied by 6 the turnover generated after a conversation.

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