The story of a successful collaboration between Back Market and iAdvize

Back Market is a marketplace that sells refurbished phones. The startup operates in 5 European countries and most recently in the United-States. Its key goal is ensuring product quality on its website. Following its rapid expansion across several markets, Back Market decided to collaborate with iAdvize to use independent experts to offer a premium customer experience. These independent experts are part of the iAdvize ibbü community

Independent experts to satisfy and convert online visitors into customers

In 2017, Back Market decided to launch the ibbü community on its French website. iAdvize curated a community of specialists in high-tech products and the refurbishment process and selected, in collaboration with Back Market, the most qualified experts. These independent experts get paid to offer advice based on their personal experience, day and night, every day of the week on the Back Market website.

“In my opinion, a successful conversation is a conversation that makes customers happy! This means they get all the answers to their questions and don’t have doubts. I feel satisfied when customers are fully in line with the brand’s website and the products offered. My advice may or may not lead to the sale of a product the same day. In any case, customers can come back to the website whenever they want to buy what they want because they know that a whole community of savvy enthusiasts is there to help them and guide them in their search.”
Thibaud, ibbü expert advising visitors on the Back Market website via instant messaging.

This collaboration with 24 indpendent ibbü experts achieves tangible economic results for Back Market:
– €70 average revenue per contact (£61.8)
– Repeat orders multiplied x2 for visitors assisted by an ibbü experts vs unassisted visitors
– 93.8% customer satisfaction in the past 3 months
– Increased availability with 59% of contacts handled by ibbü experts occurred on weekends before 9 am and after 6 pm

For these reasons, Back Market decided to launch the iAdvize ibbü service on the Spanish, North American and German markets.

Independent experts at the heart of the Back Market Marketing strategy

We interviewed Guillaume Rouby, Back Market‘s CMO. He explained how independent experts (members of the ibbü community) added a human touch to Back Market’s customer experience while responding to 4 of his objectives: generating profitability, being available in the evening and on weekends and improving Back Market’s customer satisfaction and retention. Find out how Back Market teamed up with ibbü experts in the following video:

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