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Eyeglasses Retailer Uses Generative AI in
E-commerce CX to 10x Conversion Rate

Eyeglasses Retailer Uses Generative AI 
 in E-commerce CX to 10x Conversion Rate
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Payne Glasses, the leading provider of lifestyle eyeglass lenses and frames, partnered with iAdvize to increase conversions. They successfully implemented iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers and iAdvize Copilot™ for Agents to enhance their user experience for both their customers and customer service agents. This collaboration underscores the brand’s commitment to leveraging innovative technology to facilitate a seamless shopping journey, ensuring that every interaction on their website is personalized to the consumer.



Increasing Website Conversions While Scaling Customer Service Bandwidth 

Before adopting generative AI, Payne Glasses faced significant challenges with their customer support capabilities, and the impact it had on their bottom line. With only a small team available during traditional business hours, they struggled to address their ticket volume in a timely fashion, which led to lost sales opportunities.

Their goal was to reduce the overwhelming demand on their human agents, as it directly affected their potential for increasing conversions. Additionally, they aimed to refine their self-service features, intending to guide visitors efficiently towards answers to frequently asked questions and keep them on the path to purchase.

This strategy was designed to increase the brand's online shopping assistance to 24/7 coverage to help drive more conversions, alleviate some of the burden on their human agents, and ensure the quality of the user experience remained top-tier.

Increase CVR
Improve their e-commerce conversion rate by facilitating purchase decisions.
Lower Volume
Reduce volume handled by agents with generative AI support that autonomously manages less complex requests.
Improve CX
Elevate the online shopping experience 24/7 on the Payne Glasses website.


Deploy Trusted Generative AI Tools for Shopper and Agent Support

Payne Glasses deployed iAdvize Copilot™ for Shoppers on all of their website’s product pages. This solution guides their online shoppers throughout the entire buying journey, offering intuitive and efficient product and order information. The brand also implemented iAdvize Copilot™ for Agents to assist their team on the back end of the chat interface.

They included the AI chatbots FAQ and product information features to help their agents quickly find answers to product-related questions and more easily manage the volume of customer requests they receive daily. The implementation process for both copilots was quick and easy, going live in less than two weeks.

I don't want to be dramatic and say it's a savior to us, but it's improved conversion, saved so much manpower, and given our customer service a break to focus on other things, rather than on questions that the AI chatbot can answer.
Katie Himes
Katie Himes
Customer Experience Lead at Payne Glasses


Increased E-commerce Conversion and Automation Rates with AI Assistants

By implementing AI in their customer service operations, Payne Glasses halved the volume of customer requests requiring human intervention. This not only preserved high customer satisfaction and mitigated team burnout, but also resulted in a tenfold increase in their conversion rate. The generative AI-powered chatbots exceeded all of the brand’s expectations, enabling them to cater to new customers they previously lacked the capacity to serve.
CVR for fully automated conversations,
10x higher than their original rate
of conversations fully automated
by the generative AI chatbot
reduction in the volume of customer
requests handled by customer service
We continue to exceed all of our goals with the iAdvize bots. We're helping customers that we couldn't before because they didn't know how to chat with us, or we didn’t have the bandwidth. Our request volume is definitely higher, but we don't feel the pressure of that volume because the bot is handling all of the basic questions that don’t need human interaction. This has helped us boost conversion.
Katie Himes
Katie Himes
Customer Experience Lead at Payne Glasses

Looking Ahead

Payne Glasses is committed to continuous innovation and improvement, with a particular emphasis on using technology to enhance their customer experience. Looking ahead, their focus is on broadening the capabilities of their Copilot.

The brand is in the process of enriching their website's Copilot by incorporating a new feature called Product Discovery. This enhancement will reimagine their approach to product information accessibility, allowing customers to receive personalized product recommendations. Product suggestions will be tailored based on the specific criteria customers provide during their interactions with the chatbot, ensuring a more customized and efficient shopping experience.

Looking ahead