The impact Covid-19 has made on the customer experience
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iAdvize: Business Support Package

By Julien Hervouët, CEO of iAdvize
We are experiencing a major crisis due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Our imperative remains, above all else, the health and safety of all employees.

We do not know how long this crisis will last. Nor do we know what global and lasting impacts it will have on our economy. However, we are certain that we will come out of this crisis transformed, both on an individual and collective level.

We are prioritizing the fight against the spread of this pandemic. Our top priorities are to contribute to ensuring business continuity and to meet all the commitments made to our partners.

Your availability and transparency in the conversations you share with your customers can convert this period of crisis into a moment of solidarity.

As we are your strategic partner, our teams are completely at your disposal to help you address the three major challenges which have arisen during the past few days:

1. Ensuring the business continuity of your customer service and the activity of your teams in stores.
In this context, we have observed that messaging is the most appropriate channel to ensure remote customer service while allowing you to handle a large volume of contacts in the most reactive way.

You can empower your in-store employees by redirecting their efforts to your online customer experience strategy.

2. Managing an increased volume of contacts directly or indirectly related to the health crisis.
Identify the reasons why your customers are reaching out to you and implement agile automation processes to optimize your response capabilities.

3. Continuously monitoring and analyzing your customers' concerns and evolving trends.
Leverage the power of our reports to analyze your customers' conversations. They will help you make the best decisions possible.

Our Emergency Support service
In response to this critical situation, we have decided to offer our "non-customers" an engagement free of duration or volume commitments.

Our teams are mobilized to help you launch an emergency deployment to go live within 24 hours.

For the industries particularly affected by the current situation (the tourism and transport sectors), we offer the free deployment of a chatbot to help you optimize your response capacities at no extra cost.

Finally, we offer the iAdvize platform free of charge to government websites.

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