The Kooples teams up with independent experts to handle a high volume of international customer enquiries

x10 The Kooples multiplies its ROI by 10 - Since the implementation of iAdvize
+10% The Kooples increases the average basket value of visitors supported by independent experts by 10%

The Kooples is a French fashion retailer that has some 350 stores across Europe and the US. Like other online retailers, the brand has faced the challenge of servicing customer questions and queries online. The in-store experience has conditioned shoppers to expect real-time assistance to guide them towards the right product and purchase. But this experience is often hard to replicate online.

Real-time messaging to offer the personal touch

Over the past 5 years the Kooples have not only put a solution in place to resolve online customer queries but also to ensure that the online customer experience is at the heart of the strategy. Nam Tran, The Kooples Global Head of Client Experience, wanted to get customer service right and ensure that the online customer service was a premium one! So how did they do this?

The first issue The Kooples faced was the need to handle a high volume of contacts while generating profitability.

Nam decided to offer online shoppers chat support to provide them with real time, personalised responses – for him, human contact is key. People trust people and feel more reassured if they can talk to someone which is why Nam is not betting on bots which are “not qualified enough to handle all the fashion queries, such as care and total look proposals” but rather on human advice. But he still needed a scalable and human solution.

“With up to four people handling live chat, we identified a problem around business hours: our team worked 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, while traffic tends to peak on evenings and weekends. That’s when we turned to independent experts for a solution.”

Nam Tran The Kooples Global Head of Client Experience

Authentic advice at scale

Soon after implementing a live chat solution on The Kooples website, Nam Tran soon realised that to handle these conversations at scale would mean ensuring that there was a service available during peak traffic periods, at lunchtimes, evenings and weekends.

For this reason, The Kooples started working with iAdvize to team up with the ibbü community, a pool of independent experts paid to team up with their favourite brand and offer authentic advice to their online visitors. iAdvize selected, savvy independent experts, passionate about both fashion and the brand itself. These experts passed a very specific test about The Kooples and started chatting with online shoppers for the brand using the iAdvize ibbü app.

What does this collaboration achieve for The Kooples? These experts are providing a premium, authentic experience to online visitors during peak times ensuring that the Kooples are not only positively impacting on bottom line but also impacting customer lifetime value.

31.5% of website visitors repurchase The Kooples items within 30 days
+10% The Kooples increases the average basket value of visitors supported by ibbü experts by 10%

Customers trust the authenticity.

Nam Tran The Kooples Global Head of Client Experience