By integrating WhatsApp into their customer service strategy, ENTEGA creates customer support that meets all of their customer's evolving needs

353,250 consumers of green energy in Germany
1 billion euros invested in renewable energies

A customer service team available on both desktop and mobile

As an ecological energy supplier, it’s essential for ENTEGA to be transparent and establish a relationship of trust with their customers. Therefore, being available when their customers have questions is a top priority for the brand. In addition to being able to contact ENTEGA via chat, call, video, Facebook and Messenger, from this year onwards, customers can also contact the brand via WhatsApp on mobile.

ENTEGA provides their website visitors with the touchpoint most adapted to the device they are using. For example, visitors who would like to have more information about green energy on their smartphone could ask their questions to ENTEGA via WhatsApp. Thus, the company differentiates itself from its competitors but also adapts itself according to their customers’ needs and expectations.

We were very happy when iAdvize invited us to become one of their first customers to use WhatsApp. ENTEGA and iAdvize share a common passion for customer service and we both want to provide our customers with a quick and easy way to contact us.

Thomas Schmidt CEO of ENTEGA Energie GmbH
35 sec. 1st response given within 35 seconds
96% satisfaction rate after a conversation with a customer service agent
6 touchpoints Chat, Call, Video, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp

Using one single platform enables you to be more responsive

All incoming queries are centralised in the iAdvize platform. The platform has two advantages: it saves time and offers the possibility to handle several conversations at the same time. Moreover, when they chat, customer service agents benefit from a library of canned responses and automatic suggestions. These features allow them to respond more quickly and more efficiently to customers’ queries. On average, customer service agents respond in less than 35 seconds to the first message sent by visitors on ENTEGA’s website. And the visitors supported by the customer service team are very satisfied as 96% of them say they had a positive experience!

We’ve restructured our organisation in 2014 to place customers and our customer support at the centre of our actions. Our potential customers already have access to a lot of information on our website – tariff changes are easily made via an online form – and on the blog, where you can find a few tips to save energy. For any other questions, we provide visitors with appropriate support thanks to targeting rules.

Thomas Schmidt CEO of ENTEGA Energie GmbH

3 questions for Thomas Schmidt

CEO of ENTEGA Energie GmbH

1 – Why is customer engagement also a question of management?

At ENTEGA, we don’t see customer service as a process that has to be detached from our sales objectives but rather as a service which is an integral part of our business. The same applies to all of our other organisational units such as marketing and quality assurance. All our units can work autonomously to reach their own objective but work together to reach a common company goal.

2 – Why is customer service so important in the energy industry?

Customers from our industry increasingly prefer online touchpoints they have already been using in other sectors for years, to buy products and services. We have to adapt ourselves to their expectations otherwise, our customers and prospects will choose another supplier.

3 – What are your key performance indicators?

For us, the most important indicators are the conversion rate via online touchpoints (live chat and Messenger) and the customer satisfaction rate which we evaluate via an optional survey at the end of every chat conversation. Moreover, iAdvize offers a wide variety of control perimeters which enable us to see how we can continuously improve our services.