EKOSPORT uses independent experts enthusiastic about sports equipment to chat to online visitors during peak season. Interview with Geoffroy Mailly, Marketing Manager.

96.3% average satisfaction after a conversation with an expert
25.7% conversion rate after a conversation with an expert

Which customer service touch points do Ekosport use? 

Ekosport is present in 10 countries. We respond to our customers in 6 languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch) thanks to our internal team and the outsourcing of some of our phone and email contacts to Salesupply. We are also available during the peak season, in real-time via messaging on our website and on Facebook Messenger. 

To help us respond to our visitors during the peak season, we use an on demand pool of independent experts through the iAdvize platform. Find out more about this peer to peer service (ibbü)

What are your main challenges when it comes to online customer service?

We have two types of contacts:

• The first type of contacts make up our pre-sales service, which includes questions about deliveries and returns. The challenge is the one of reassurance via the shortest response time possible (but not necessarily an instantaneous response time). During business days, the objective we set ourselves is for customers to obtain a response within two hours via email.

• Other types of contacts include both pre-sales questions and technical advice. The responsiveness is key for these types of contacts. A customer needs real time advice when they are looking to buy products. If the answer is not instantaneous, we risk loosing sales!

Ekosport has a specific peak period of activity, we achieve nearly 70% of our turnover between November and January. Events such as the Black Friday or simply a day of snow have a huge impact on our activity. The capacity to be agile and size our teams in a flexible manner to face the traffic streams is a very important challenge for us.

70% of the turnover is achieved between November and January

The experts we collaborate with have a cutting edge and technical knowledge but I also want them to be able to sell and find the right words to trigger a purchase. The challenge is not win a contact race but rather a conversion race.

Geoffroy Mailly Marketing Manager - Ekosport

Which indicators do you pay the most attention to to monitor your activity?

For real-time contacts, it’s the conversion rate but also the time before a purchase, more specifically, the time that passes by between a contact and the finalisation of an order. For me, a quick sale is a sign of business efficiency. On average, after a contact (chat or call), we achieve a 25.7% conversion rate. We have adapted our engagement strategy to ensure our contacts are as qualified as possible. The experts we use to respond to visitors with have strong technical knowledge but it is important for them to know how to sell and for them to find the right words to trigger a purchase. The challenge is not a contact race but rather a conversion race.