Banque Casino responds to their customers' enthusiasm for instant interactions and decreases the number of incoming emails (20% less) by combining live chat with Messenger

- 20% decrease in the number of emails received since the messaging launch
30% of visitors on the contact page ask for a contact via chat
672 conversations via Messenger each month

For Banque Casino, offering real-time contact to their customers is an essential aspect of the customer experience. Customer service has a strong retention objective and works in project mode wth a transversal vision. The chat solution has been available on the website since February 2017 and contacts via Messenger have been activated on Banque Casino’s Facebook page.

  • • This way, real-time support is proposed throughout the different steps of filling out the subscription forms. The chat solution allows customer service agents to respond to visitors’ issues in order to reduce their abandonment rate.

• Also to smoothen the procedure, during the final step, visitors can upload supporting documents directly in the chatbox to transfer them to customer service agents.

• The chat is available on the website’s contact page. 3 visitors out of 10 use it, which shows their strong enthusiasm for this touchpoint.

37 secs. 1st answer given within 37secs.
91.4% satisfaction rate after a conversation via messaging


60% of chat conversations handled by Banque Casino come from the Cdiscount solution payment form.”Every week, we organise a workshop with our team and Cdiscount’s team. We work on the feedback we receive via chat and on our journey in order to enhance our agents’ speech“, explains Tony Chavatte, responsible for the customer experience department.

The chat solution enables Banque Casino to decrease  the volume of incoming emails by 20%. As for Messenger, it allows you to offer an instantaneous touchpoint for all after-sales queries, a personalised touchpoint that customers use in their daily lives.

With messaging, we are available where our customers need us during their buying journey. This touchpoint offers an emotion related to instantaneity and generates trust. We are entering into a conversation! It’s a real source of service.

Tony Chavatte Responsible for the customer experience department, Banque Casino

2 questions for Tony Chavatte

How do you use emojis and rich content in general?

The relationship is a bit different on Messenger but, just like on the chat solution, we play with emojis. With messaging, we allow ourselves more freedom to have a relationship of equals. Customers do not want any script on this touchpoint. They want personalisation while benefiting from structured support. On the chat solution, the process is a bit more strict. We also facilitate visitors’ journey by sharing documents directly in the conversation via the upload of attachments.

How did your teams receive these new messaging touchpoints? 

For our agents, messaging is a revolution. They discover the digitalisation. Customer service agents are satisfied by the simplicity of the discussion panel. It is like giving them a second life, they do not need a headset on their head anymore, it is another atmosphere in the work space. They are freer: interactions are smooth and simple… Mirroring (n.b: displays on the discussion panel of the agent of the page views by the visitor and their movements on it) is very easy to use for them. It is a source of satisfaction in the daily work.