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Discover Olivia’s journey

Olivia is looking for a new work wardrobe

''I’ve recently got a new job in a relaxed agency environment and want to update my work wardrobe, I want to get some fashion trainers but I’m not sure where to start''

Olivia has been identified as a potential customer

Olivia’s customer journey has been analysed (pages visited, duration of her visit on the website, etc.) in order to assign her a score. This score enables us to direct Olivia towards the right ibbü expert

73 scoring
Fashion Photography

«I'm a travelling enthusiast who loves to explore new places and capture their beauty and culture. Passionate about fashion, I love to discover unique pieces of clothing and style» 

Olivia receives authentic advice from Hervé

"It was 9:15 pm, I really didn’t know where to start as there are so many pairs of trainers to choose from. I was about to leave the site when I clicked on a messaging button inviting me to chat with Hervé, fashion enthusiast and member of the ibbü community''

Who is Hervé?

« I’m crazy about clothes and especially shoes, I have 103 pairs of sneakers in my closet. 

As I have a full-time job as Communication
s Manager, I mainly log in to the ibbü platform in the evening from 9pm or during the weekend. For me, ibbü is mainly a way to talk about my passion »

156 visitors advised by Hervé each month
96% of visitors are satisfied by the authentic advice given by Hervé
19% of visitors advised by Hervé finalise their purchase

Enthusiastic conversations are also the most convincing ones


is satisfied with trainers that suit her needs

Your brand

generates a turnover of £14 for £1 invested


can add to his growing trainer collection with the money he makes!

Here is the performance you could achieve

93% of visitors satisfied by the pieces of advice given via messaging
21/24 Thanks to ibbü experts, brands can offer instantaneous tips 21/24 hours to online shoppers
24% 24 out of 100 conversations lead to a purchase

Source: iAdvize Internal Data, 1st July 2017 - 27th August 2018

Here is a selection of experts ready to chat for your fashion website


“When I was a child, I dreamed about becoming a fashion designer 💃🏻. I used to design dresses for my dolls.”

Fashion Photography

“I love to rummage through second-hand clothes shops to create my own style.👕👖👞”


“I’ve always loved fashion. When I was 5, I used to do princess parades 👸 in my living room.”

Success story

Thanks to ibbü experts, IKKS offers instant and personalised tips

Each month, 3,000 visitors get instant and personalised tips from an independent and enthusiastic personal shopper on the IKKS website


conversion rate after a conversation with an ibbü expert

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PETIT BATEAU advises its visitors in real-time with the help of brand advocates and enables 22% of customers supported to finalise their order

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