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Discover Molly’s adventure

Molly is looking to transform her spare bedroom into a nursery for her first baby

“I’m expecting my first child and my husband and I are looking to fit out and decorate the nursery but have no idea where to start!’’

Molly has been identified as a potential customer

Molly’s customer journey has been analysed (pages visited, duration of her visit on the website, etc.) in order to assign her a score. This score enables us to direct Molly towards the right ibbü expert.

73 scoring
DIY Gardening

“I’m an industrial designer working in the aerospace industry and I've always loved being outdoors. In my spare time I can be found in my garden, working in my DIY workshop or horseback riding.”

Molly receives authentic advice from Marion

"It was 9:15 pm and I was a little lost with all the products available on the website. I was a little lost with all the products available on the website. I was about to leave the site when I clicked on a messaging button inviting me to chat with Marion, DIY expert and member of the ibbü community.”

Who is Marion?

“I’m a DIY enthusiast and I’ve converted my passion into expertise. 12 days after applying to join the ibbü community and passing the certification, I supported my first visitor.

I mainly log in to the ibbü platform in the evening from 9pm or during the weekend.
For me, ibbü is mainly a way to talk about my passion.”

649 visitors advised by Marion each month
96% of visitors are satisfied by the heartfelt advice given by Marion
8% of visitors advised by Marion finalise their purchase

Enthusiastic conversations are also the most convincing ones


can repaint her room

Your brand

generates a turnover of £14 for £1 invested


can buy horseback riding equipment

Here is the performance you could achieve

93% of visitors satisfied by the pieces of advice given via messaging
23/24 Thanks to ibbü experts, brands can offer instantaneous tips 23/24 hours to online shoppers
24% 24 out of 100 conversations lead to a purchase

Source: Internal data from iAdvize, 1st of July 2017 - 27th of August 2018

Here is a selection of experts ready to chat for your DIY website

DIY Painting

“At the age of 5, I used to spend time with my grandfather in his garage. 🔨 And recently, I have built my own house.”

DIY Gardening

“I love tinkering, repairing and creating. I have more than 8 drilling machines at home. 💪”


“I'm a fan of wooden objects! Outside of my job, I follow a cabinetmaker training.”

Success story

10 ibbü experts provide premium and scalable pre-sales customer service

ManoMano collaborates with 85 experts to advise their online visitors for all pre-sales queries and achieves a 20% conversion rate.


global satisfaction rate after a chat with an ibbü expert


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