Respond intuitively to all messages

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Your customer service agents have superpowers


You can see the browsing movements of visitors on your website in real-time

Smart Answers

Reduce response time thanks to the automatic suggestion of smart answers (available in beta)

Multiple answers

Chat with several visitors at the same time

Build your bots with iAdvize!

Recurring questions, the qualification of queries, etc.The Bot Builder allows you to create bots and automated conversation scenarios to answer frequently asked questions. You integrate them with your engagement strategies. Bots and customer service agents work together hand in hand to provide your customers with a rich and complete customer experience. (Available in private beta)

Tips, best practices and experts' point of view on using chatbots in online customer experience!
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Your customer service teams and experts work together

They can interact openly via the live feed but also via private messages. They can share their tips and advice with each other. Share your exclusive brand and product updates with them so they can give your website visitors the best possible advice.

Infinie Passion combines customer service with advice from their brand advocates

Infinie Passion
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Encourage your experts to give their best

Motivate your teams with a reward system. Your experts can see how they're ranked and access their performance stats (satisfaction, number of chats, etc.). You can customise the badges they win and the criteria that unlocks them.

Learn how to improve the performance of your customer service teams, from brand communities to savvy enthusiasts.

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Connect iAdvize with your other tools to provide a unified experience

In no time, you can connect your tools with iAdvize. Get a global view of your customer journey, synchronise information and centralise exchanges thanks to our Plug&Play connectors developed with the best solutions in the customer experience industry.