March 3, 2015

3rd March 2015 – iAdvize launches in the Nordics


With a solution that includes Click to Chat, Click to Call, Click to Video and most recently, Community Messaging, iAdvize is already a European leader in real-time online customer service.  The Nantes-based company launches in the Nordics on 3rd March 2015. 

Launching on an innovative eCommerce market

Nordic countries were amongst the first to innovate in customer service with the use of live chat. Still, these tools are rarely integrated within a synchronized multichannel approach. iAdvize believes there is a great opportunity in the Nordics to work with major eCommerce businesses that require a premium level of multichannel online engagement. Therefore, members of the iAdvize team will be in Scandinavia in March at the following events:

– 11th March for 600 minutes Contact Center Sweden

– 12th March for D-Congress in Gothenburg

– 24th – 25th March in Stockholm for the E-Commerce Stockholm Kistamassan

Real-time online customer service to create tangible value 

„Adding a human touch to online customer service and creating tangible value for businesses“ is iAdvize’s mission statement. To achieve this, the solution offers four communication channels: Click to Chat (Live-Chat), Click to Call (web Callback), Click to Video (video chat) and most recently, to Community Messaging (on-site community chat). With iAdvize’s smart targeting engine, clients can engage with online visitors who will most benefit from real-time support, via the most relevant channel. Visitors are connected with agents who have the required language skills and product knowledge. Constantly aiming to optimise the impact of real-time engagement, iAdvize has developed more than 150 key performance indicators within in its solution.

A unique expertise in online engagement

Clients are accompanied by performance managers who are experts in the sector. They implement customised targeting rules, monitor performance and optimise the strategy on a regular basis.  After five years of experience throughout Europe, there are several success stories to be told. Offering assistance at the right time and in the right place helps to increase average order value and reduce basket abandonment and online sales. The Kooples for example have increased the average order value of visitors who chat by 35%. Monster has increased the conversion rate of those who chat by 10. Reducing the average handling time and using the right channels also decreases the cost per contact. Indeed, Numericable, a French telecommunications company, decreased their cost per contact by 30%. Finally, contacting the right person at the right time and via the right channel also has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. That’s how Air France has reached a customer satisfaction rate of 93%.


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