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Create a phygital shopping experience with the Conversational Store

Live Video Shopping
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Connect prospects with your best asset—your in-store sales associates. Our app (iOS and Android) allows your on-floor salesforce to assist online consumers via messaging, voice, and live video chat, with all the data and tools they need at their disposal. 

Our unique geo-routing solution allows your customers to easily interact with their nearest store, increasing conversions and boosting traffic to your store.

Live Shopping

iAdvize product: Live Shopping Live Video Shopping
icon_Ajout au panier en 1 clic 1-Click Add-to-cart
icon_Messaging One-to-many One-to-Many Messaging
icon_Système d’alerte SMS SMS Reminder
icon_Replay instantané-1 Instant Replay
icon_Analyse des performances Performance Analytics
icon_Conversational Replay (1) Conversational Replay
As an interactive and immersive sales channel, Live Shopping has the ability to elevate your digital customer journey.

Expand your digital experience to maximize consumer reach and meet their expectations by establishing an authentic and scalable relationship. Boost your revenue with this channel that encourages spontaneous purchases.
Frame 12058
of engagement during the livestream*
of conversion rate during the livestream*
*Aploze data, 2021

A seamless, rich conversational experience

icon_Live-Asynchrone Live / Asynchronous
icon_Multi-device Multi-device
icon_multi-répondants multi-respondent conversation
icon_Interactions riches Rich interactions
icon_Voix et vidéo Voice and video
icon_Identité visuelle intégrée Your own visual branding
Respond to text, voice, and video messaging conversations wherever your customers need it - on their desktop, mobile or in your apps.

Provide help from chatbots, your agents and experts in one single conversation thread, in real time or offline with asynchronous messaging.

Send links, photos, files, emojis, gifs... for a rich, natural dialogue.

An omnichannel messaging strategy

whatsapp messenger icon_channel_ABC whatsapp SMS-2 SMS-3 icon_channel_GBM

WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages for Business, SMS, Twitter: let your customers interact with your brand on the messaging channel they prefer.

Your agents handle all messages seamlessly, within a single, unified interface.

Get started with

WhatsApp Business

Apple Messages for Business

Google's Business Messages

Personalized engagement

icon_Campagnes d’engagement Engagement campaigns
icon_Ciblage intelligent Smart targeting
icon_Notification builder Notification builder
icon_Données clients personnalisées Custom data
Engage specific audiences with personalized messages according to behavior and intention. Whether you want to reach and convert high-value prospects, or offer proactive support to existing customers, iAdvize lets you start the conversation at the right time and in a personalized way.

High quality automated conversation with optimum scalability

icon_Bots intelligents
Smart bots
icon_Entraînement collaboratif Collaborative training
icon_Manager d’intentions Intention manager
icon_Rapport d’automatisation Automation reporting
icon_Orchestration unifiée Seamless orchestration
Assist all your visitors, 24/7 with Augmented Intelligence that increases the power of our platform tenfold. Trained by humans and equipped with AI, chatbots understand visitors' intentions to qualify their needs, provide immediate answers or escalate the request to an advisor or expert if necessary. And all this at scale.
Frame 12058
5x more
customer requests processed*
post-conversation CSAT points*
*compared to a simple decision tree chatbot

Your product experts available on demand, 24/7

icon_À la demande 24-7-1 On demand, 24/7
icon_Sourcing & certification Sourcing & certification
icon_Formation et animation Training and facilitation
icon_Performance des équipes Performance tracking
icon_Rémunération-1 Payment
Available Monday through Sunday, any time of day, ibbü experts are passionate about sharing their knowledge about your brand.

They answer your customers' questions via messaging and are compensated for their advice. With iAdvize, launching a campaign and selecting the best experts is just a click away!
Frame 12058
average satisfaction rate (CSAT) of ibbü experts*
*iAdvize data, for 2020

Augmented advisors

icon_Messaging omnicanal Omnichannel messaging
icon_Suggestions intelligentes Smart answers
icon_Scalabilité Scalability
icon_Vendeurs magasin connectés Connected in-store sales agents
icon_Mirroring & cobrowsing Mirroring and co-browsing
Accessible on desktop or mobile application, iAdvize's smart desk provides your connected in-store sales agents, advisors, and experts with AI-based features to optimize their productivity (suggested answers, instant translation...). Improve first contact resolution with mirroring and co-browsing.

An integrated reporting suite

icon_Insights conversationnels Conversational insights
icon_Analytique ventes Sales analytics
icon_Temps réel Real time
icon_Analytique expérience client Customer experience analytics
icon_Temps réel Team performance
iAdvize includes a comprehensive reporting suite to track your performance in real time.

Take advantage of more than 150 KPIs to understand which part of your strategy is generating the most revenue, how to make your teams perform and which conversations have the most impact on satisfaction.

Analyze conversation content and listen to the customer’s voice via the Insights report.
Partner ecosystem 2023

A platform connected to your ecosystem

marketplace Marketplace apps
customer engagement Customer engagement
e-commerce eCommerce
iAdvize is an open platform that integrates with your existing application ecosystem. Use our API and webhooks to create custom integrations with all your applications. What is more, we have developed a full range of connectors to major market solutions (CRMs, business intelligence platforms...).

A secure, enterprise-ready infrastructure

iAdvize security: ISO 27001  iAdvize security: GDPR

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