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We believe customer experience is not only a matter of technology

In order to do good economics, you have to keep in mind that people are human.

Richard H. Thaler 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics


Information is key

growth of the world "best" in mobiles searches within the past two years ¹


Personalisation is key

growth in mobile searches "... for me" in the past two years, ex. "what running shoes are best for me" ²


Recommendation is key

People turning to family friend or other consumers reviews before purchase ³

🤭 😃 🤣

We believe that the customer experience is driven by an authentic conversation.

Chatting with a savvy enthusiast is a very different experience from the cold "scripted' interactions that 79% of us reject.
Being able to connect with a peer, via messaging, in real-time, makes it easy to get advice at anytime.

When you interact with someone sharing a real experience, acquired through passion, someone who cares and understands, conversation matters.

This is why we're building a community of experts. People who are passionate about a brand or a line of products. The personalised experience they provide will convince you to choose a brand, and above all, recommend it to friends and family.

Everyone wins


Backmarket CMO explains how being human and reachable at all times improves the customer experience.


Nicolas tells us why being an ibbĂĽ expert connects him with a core part of his personality and what he gets out of it on a daily basis.


Customers' own words to illustrate the value of conversations with an ibbĂĽ expert.

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