Measure and optimise your business performance

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Oversee your team in real-time

With the iAdvize supervision panel, you can monitor performance in real-time, view all conversations taking place and send tips to agents who might need a hand.

Air France chat agents achieve customer satisfaction rate of 91% and boost online revenue
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Put your results into perspective

All conversations are saved. You can refer back to them at any time and access all performance data in detail thanks to filters (by agent, skill, channel, targeting rule, etc.). You can compare your results over any period of time.

White paper: customer service in the age of mobile commerce
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How do you compare to others in your industry?

Thanks to sectorial benchmarks, compare your performance to what others in your industry are achieving. A team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals and optimise your strategy.

Our KPIs help you make the right decisions

Missed opportunities

Track the number of contact opportunities you are missing over any period of time, because there are not enough agents available.

Adapt the size of your team

Organise your teams so that you are always able to support your visitors when they most need your help and stop missing out on transactions.

Turnover generated per contact

Analyse the average turnover generated for each contact. Take a closer look at the conversations that lead to transactions.