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Implementing iAdvize is child's play

The deployment of our solution can be done quickly: you just have to insert a tag on each page of your website. Once the solution is deployed, your customer service and marketing teams are completely independent and can set up the solution as they wish.

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Secure application

Security risks are an everyday issue changing continuously. In order to provide a secure solution, audits and vulnerability scans are conducted quarterly and security patches are immediately applied thanks to our subscriptions to CVE bulletins. The following features are also available: blocking an account in case of force attack and restricting the access to your platform to a list of IP addresses.

We guarantee our platform's high availability

iAdvize commits to a 99,85% availability when you subscribe to our high availability guarantee (Enterprise offer). By choosing this offer, we also commit to providing 24/7 support and intervention.

Adaptable settings

Because our customer expectations and data security requests vary depending on the industry and national legislation, iAdvize adapts to all situations thanks to its operational features. This way, administrators can easily activate the options they want whenever they want from the iAdvize panel.

In accordance with the CNIL regulations.

The CNIL is responsible for ensuring that information technology remains at the service of citizens. To meet CNIL requirements and to ensure that your visitors’ data is protected, within the iAdvize platform you can enable the “Delete personal data” option. This means that your customers and visitors are able to delete their personal data in one click from the chat window. This unique feature enables visitors to decide whether the content of their conversations is saved. The account administrator can also decide to enable the ”agent anonymity” option.