What eCommerce businesses have achieved with iAdvize

30% average order value increase
85% customer satisfaction rate after real-time support
60% additional sales

Increase ROI with Community chat

When looking for the right product or service, 68% of online shoppers view customer reviews. Give your visitors the opportunity to chat in real-time with customers, members of your brand community.

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Reduce basket abandonment

Delivery, payment, identification… For all problems that your visitors might face during the online check-out, connect them with your customer service team and reduce basket abandonment.

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Measure the performance of your eCommerce website

Turnover, conversion rate, average basket value, team performance … We have defined eCommerce indicators that will enable you to monitor and optimise your activity in the short and long term.

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Support your online visitors, wherever they are!

Whether your customers and prospects are browsing from desktop, tablet or mobile, they should still have access to real-time, free and simple support. With iAdvize, you can provide them with help and advice at any time, no matter what device they’re using!

Target the right visitors to offer support at the right time and in the right place!

Our behavioural targeting technology enables your business to connect with the visitors who will most benefit from real-time support. When they’re in a critical situation, display a proactive or reactive invite, via the most appropriate channel and reduce basket abandonment.

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