Full-stack platform

Often associated with the developer profession, the term “Full-stack” has different meanings according to the companies using it. But the main characteristic of these companies relies on their ability to provide and control the service and experience they are selling. Systematically, the “Full-stack” approach implies extending the fundamental skills of the company beyond the traditional marketing, commercial and technological skills.

Beyond mastering the production chain, the combination of technology with business innovation is characteristic to full-stack. In some cases, the experience implies moving from the digital world to the world of atoms: Tesla manufactures its own cars, Netflix produces television programs, etc. In other cases, there is no need to manipulate tangible assets but you still have to combine perspective technology with functional, service-based and operational expertise.

Why does the iAdvize platform describe itself as a Full-stack Platform? 

When it comes to the B2B sector, iAdvize also follows this logic. It’s now possible to manage human resources in customer service teams thanks to ibbü, an on-demand pool of experts, a service offered by the iAdvize platform.