Detect the best contact opportunities wherever they are

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Your prospects

Focus on the online visitors who really need help or who represent added value for your brand.

Anywhere online

Detect contact opportunities no matter which device or channel they're using.

At all times

Listen to them in real-time, when they most need your help.

Detect the right visitor in the right place

Number of website visits, change in the basket value, error detection, a tweet from an influencer: you target users who most need help according to their context, actions or value.

Simple yet powerful

Predictive Targeting

According to visitor behaviour, anticipate critical situations and help visitors before they even think about leaving your website.


By creating a targeting strategy with a scoring system, you can enhance customer engagement by assigning a score to each action on your website.

Elastic Targeting

The criteria of your targeting rules will adapt automatically, evolving in real-time to match the number of agents available.

Learn about conversational commerce: its state of play and challenges
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Predict what your customers will do next

By collecting and analysing Big Data in real-time, capitalise on the accurate knowledge about customer behaviour. Anticipate the need to better engage them and help them find what they're looking for.

Let them decide which communication channel they'd rather be contacted via

Throughout their purchase journey, your customers visit websites, apps, social media... Provide them with a seamless customer experience and make sure they can have easy, human conversations no matter what channel they choose.