The impact COVID-19 has had on customer experience

Data and analysis to facilitate better decision-making

Since February 22nd, when the coronavirus became a global threat, iAdvize, the conversational platform, has tracked close to 28 million transactions and more than 44 million messages. The analysis of this data has led us to to launch a trend watch, share concrete customer use cases and a series of initiatives to keep decision-makers informed of the latest developments.

Trend Watch

Exclusive data and figures: What does the end of lockdown mean for online sales?

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, nearly 28 million transactions and more than 44 million messages have been exchanged on our conversational platform[...]

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In response to this crisis, iAdvize has put in motion an offer to unaffiliated companies: an emergency deployment plan to go live within 24 hrs.

In 24 hrs, without a commitment to duration or volume.

Our teams are entirely at your disposal for:

🏠Ensure seamless customer service while working remotely

iAdvize is an SaaS conversational platform that is accessible from home, on your desktop or mobile phone.

💬Make messaging your go-to channel for communication

Adopted by 5 billion users worldwide, messaging is the best channel to maintain a premium customer experience in today's climate.

👩‍💻Manage the large rise in your contact volume

By automating their conversations online, brands can optimize their response capabilities during query influxes.

🔬Monitor and analyze customer concerns and analyze your findings

iAdvize allows you to analyze the conversations with your customers to identify the points of friction allowing you to continuously readjust your strategy.

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