We build the product

Florent - VP Product

👋 We're the Product & Engineering team. Our mission is to build the best product possible so that brands, their customers and experts have delightful and worthwhile experiences with conversations!

Frédéric - VP Engineering

Our team is made up of engineers, designers, product managers and data scientists who are truly passionate about working together to solve technological and design challenges. 🚀

Pierre-Alexandre - Front-End Architect

My job as a Lead Dev is to support and help the others with the development of features. In return, they have to put up with my bad jokes… 🤡

Mathieu - Product Designer

As a product designer, I contribute to making the product accessible and pleasant to use on a daily basis. My rucksack is full of homemade biscuits and cinnamon buns.

Eglantine - Product Manager

As a Product Manager, I imagine the new features of our product to meet our clients' evolving expectations. If you look for me in the offices, you'll easily find me: I'm always with the great Messaging Swarm: 10 brilliant minds who constantly enhance the channels managed by the platform and focus on the visitor's conversational experience. Highly motivated to work, they are also very good at making jokes!

We sell the product

David - Head of sales

Hello there 😃 we’re the sales team. We’re focused on signing new clients, convincing companies to choose our solution to optimise their online customer engagement strategy.

François - VP Alliances & Channel

We’re also about building partnerships with companies that help us grow our market coverage and enhance iAdvize’s value proposition.

Thomas - Field Sales France

My job is to hunt new customers in the luxury and automotive verticals for France. Which means that I could be on The Champs Elysées and in Clermont Ferrand the same day!

Lucinda McCaffrey - Field Sales UK

I open conversations with new customers in the UK with the aim of making them in to a long term iAdvize customer. I also eat more cake than is seemingly possible.

We make customers happy

Cécile - VP Customer Success

Our job is to make sure our clients get maximum value out of our solution. We ensure the deployment happens smoothly and we continuously optimise the engagement strategy. Our team is full of diverse profiles and talents as you can see 😉 Meet Kevin… Kevin… and Nathanaëlle!

Kévin - Major Account Director

As Account Manager, I accompany my clients towards success! I like building trusting relationships with my contacts.

Nathanaëlle - Customer Success Manager

I'm here to make our customers happy with what our solution is delivering, identify what we can do to reach their goals, according to schedule! Delighting the customer is my raison d'être ;)

Kévin - Customer Support Manager

Bugs are deceitful. They appear where you least expect them and hide in places you no longer think to look. Like a hunter, I identify them, track them down and neutralise them!

We make the sales team happy

Maxime - CMO

The Marketing team’s job is to make life easy for the sales team by providing superb business opportunities. We’re also in charge of ensuring the iAdvize brand is unique and strong, inside and out!

Stéphanie - Print/Web Graphist

As graphic designer, my job involves proposing creative ideas and carrying them out in a fun and "sexy" way. I’m also part of the design police 😉 I make sure everyone respects the graphic guidelines so that our communication is esthetic and coherent.

David - Inbound Marketing Manager

I’m the Inbound Marketer. My objective is to ensure that potential clients come to our website, download content and show interest in our platform. I do a bit of everything: SEO, social media, lead gen, ads… Recently I was lucky enough to go to the world’s leading event in this area: Hubspot’s INBOUND17 in Boston! I’ve been “inbounding” for 3 years now and still very much enjoy it :-)

We make our colleagues happy

Sophie - VP HR

Our mission is to attract and hire great talents and enable them to become even greater once they get here. We are convinced that our culture is the key to success which is why we are always looking for talents that will really contribute to our team with their own ideas and passion. Another part of our job is ensuring the offices are ideal for hard work and a bit of of play. Our HR policy and processes are based on the vision that our colleagues are our in-house customers 😉

Caroline - CFO

The financial department has been structured to meet the needs of rapid growth. We secure risk areas to enable iAdvize to reach new milestones every day, peacefully. We track and analyse iAdvize's operations in real time and confront them with the budget and the standards of the SaaS industry. We control financial ressources and always look to increase and optimize them to fasten iAdvize's growth. The Information Systems team works hard to provide our colleagues with tools to increase efficiency.

Morgane - HR Business Partner

At iAdvize, my job is to deal with the staff, skills, social relations, and more generally the deployment of our HR policy thanks to a variety of different projects. To sum things up, I do my best to enable our genies to become genuine geniuses!

Simon - Financial controler

My role at iAdvize is to provide managers with reliable financial data in order to monitor and forecast the company’s performance. Another key aspect of my job is to maintain a good relationship with my colleagues, which translates into regular « networking » sessions at the Louis Blanc, the local pub...

Gladys - Project Coordinator

My job is to coordinate on internal projects in order to provide optimized tools for employees. Also, I sing a lot… ;-)

We lead strategic projects

Nicolas - VP US

We are the engine of the iAdvize growth. Our job is to help iAdvize take over the world with disruptive solutions such as ibbü or by addressing strategic markets such as the US.

Coline - Brand Community specialist

My job is to source and manage the community of ibbü experts in France. As a consequence, everyday, I meet people, passionate about a variety of different topics !

Leadership Team