Chatbots for a more human customer service

Entrust general conversations to bots such as recurring questions or the qualification of queries to optimize your business performance. Combined with your customer service team, chatbots take care of most frequently asked questions, perform simple tasks and guide users to the right information or the right agent when necessary.

Create your conversation scenarios

The bot builder allows you to create bots thanks to automated conversation branches. Text, questions, multiple choice questions, the opening of web links: the options at your disposal enable you to create response scenarios to handle frequently asked questions. If the conversation becomes complex and requires human interaction there is an option to automatically forward the chat to the most appropriate agent. 

A seamless experience for your customers

Once your bots have collected key information in order to qualify your visitors or when queries become too complex for them, you can transfer the conversation to your team of customer service agents. Because you can escalate conversations from bot to human agents, your bots are perfectly integrated with your engagement strategy and the conversational experience you have with your customers remains fluid

Measure your bots' performance

Satisfaction, conversion, time saved by your customer service teams... You can measure your bots' performance with the reporting interface and draw comparisons based on differnt time periods, this way you can measure how the performance of your bot evolves over time.